Landing Page Inspiration From Page Interaction Data

Landing Page Inspiration From Page Data

The combination of landing pages and customer behavior page data might confuse you, and you might be a little unsure how to apply the information! It’s easy to get quantitative data that tells you whether a page is converting or not. It’s a lot more difficult to try to find out why. The fact is, most […]

How to Increase Sales with Heatmap Analytics

We are pretty much aware on how useful conversion rate optimization tools are. And as you know heatmap is one of those amazing tools which lets you track your visitors activity and boost your conversions by unbeatable margins. The Best Part: It is not only about tracing the visitors and having an eye on what […]

Here’s How Visual Analytics Tools Make You Read Users’ Mind


In this progressive and technologically advanced era, we see an intense competition in online and offline businesses, both. And, today retaining the customers and making them your loyal customers has become extremely complex. You really have to offer something exciting, something different and something really valuable to be the best in the customer’s eyes! Well, […]

13 Ways to Optimize your Product Images to Increase Sales and Reduce Cart Abandonment


As a matter of fact, a lot attention has been paid on redesigning the shopping carts to reduce cart abandonment rate. Numerous ideas have been generated and adopted by the ecommerce owners to optimize their shopping carts. But… they have forgotten one of the most influencing solution! Can you guess what it is?!! Checkout process?…. […]

How Color Psychology on Websites Helps Boosting Conversions

How Color Psychology on Websites Helps Boosting Conversions

Have you ever thought how colors can impact your sales? How to make people buy your product while using different colors? Or… Which color get the highest conversions on websites? If yes, then you are going on the right track, my friend! And if you haven’t thought about it, you have come to the right […]

11 Reasons People Leave Your Website Along with Solutions To Make Them Stay


Have you done all the preps to hold on your visitors? Done with a compelling copy? Have added appealing images?  And I know you must have spent thousands on putting up ads too! Still not satisfied by the number of visitors who stay? The question is: Have you thought about the exact reason of why […]

7 No-Brainers to Design a Perfect Lead Generation Form


Have you already spent thousands in web development, digital marketing and ad campaigns? And still thinking what is going wrong? Have you thought about how have you designed your lead generation form? Don’t forget that you have to pay a lot of attention to your lead generation form design, layout, structure, positioning and etc. Remember : […]

8 Common Conversion Mistakes & How To Never Make Them Again

8 Common Conversion Mistakes & How To Never Make Them Again

Do you know that on average 80% of visitors on your site will abandon without taking an action. Do you know the reason behind it? The real reason behind this is that people keep making conversion mistake without realizing the fact that they end up having lower conversions by making so many mistakes. We really […]

How Exit Surveys can Help in Increasing your Subscription Business

How Exit Surveys can Help in increasing your Subscription Business

Worried about the churn rate? Confused on why your visitors leave so frequently? Still figuring out on how to hold on the traffic at your site? Have you used Exit Surveys?? The good news is that your worries are coming to an end now! Because the analytical tools have made it extremely easy to observe […]

Perpetual Scroll vs. Hard Stop: Which Works Better?

Perpetual Scroll vs. Hard Stop Which Works Better

Infinite scrolling is a trending feature at website these days. Some call it perpetual scroll, while some call it auto-scroll and some have even named it as lazy-load. Web developers think that a perpetual scroll helps them put the maximum info or the maximum content. But… Trust me, the strategy of putting everything on a […]