Customer Surveys

Understanding your customers and clients
will help you offer better products and services

The best way to increase conversion and sales is by

understanding your customers and clients needs

Use TruConversion Survey to understand your customer and client needs

If you want to know what the visitors want then

Truconversion Customer surveys are the perfect choice

Unlimited Responses and Questions
Ask all of the questions your need
Sometimes you only need to ask a few question and other times you need to know a whole lot more. Well ask away, there is no limit on the number of questions or responses!
Questions Types
Our library of question types help you collect the data and answers you need
Not all questions are created equally, which is why we provide 7 different types of question types including ratings, Net Promoter Scores, single line answers, multiple choice, and more!
Survey Invite Message
You can add a survey invitation on ANY page of your website.
Don’t bother sending an email to a dedicated survey page! We give you the option to trigger an invitation message on any page of your site based on a number of different targeting options.
Target visitor
Control when, where, and how your survey appears
Some surveys aren’t appropriate for all user types. Maybe you want to avoid people in a hurry and only show the survey on desktop. You can also trigger based on page engagement and many other factors!
Smart triggers
Control when, where, and how your survey appears
You have full control over your survey invitation. Choose when you wan it to appear for visitors based on where they scroll, how long they spend on the page, or even on a certain date or day of the week!
Make your survey yours
Add your logo, match the color palette with your brand, and make TruConversion surveys look like they’re a part of your site!
Thank You page
Don't just get the information and run!
Add a custom message at the end of your survey with a thank you message, bonus, or a link to another page on your site.


We live in a multi-device world and TruConversion has you covered.
Works automarically across device and is easy to share and download.

Use TruConversion Survey to understand your customer and client needs

Apart from heatmaps TruConversion offers 5 more easy to use

Feedback and analytics tools


Watch recordings of individual browsing journeys to see WHERE they’re click and discover WHY you’re losing them.

Thanks to Funnel Analytics you’ll be making more sales from the traffic and leads you’re already getting.

See which fields are getting filled, and which ones are causing your visitors to bounce.

Find out the busiest sections of your webpages and highlight the sections with the lowest click ratio.

TruConversion’s powerful surveys would help you discover the hidden needs and expectations of your customers.

See what your visitors are doing before you lose them