Landing Page Inspiration From Page Interaction Data

Landing Page Inspiration From Page Data

The combination of landing pages and customer behavior page data might confuse you, and you might be a little unsure how to apply the information! It’s easy to get quantitative data that tells you whether a page is converting or not. It’s a lot more difficult to try to find out why. The fact is, most […]

13 Ways to Optimize your Product Images to Increase Sales and Reduce Cart Abandonment


As a matter of fact, a lot attention has been paid on redesigning the shopping carts to reduce cart abandonment rate. Numerous ideas have been generated and adopted by the ecommerce owners to optimize their shopping carts. But… they have forgotten one of the most influencing solution! Can you guess what it is?!! Checkout process?…. […]

14 Product Landing Page Examples that should NOT be Overlooked


You must be amazed by the fact that this year was the year of highest development in the web world. We have seen the highest number of websites developed in the year 2015-2016. The Amazing Part is: That the online activity has increased within the last decade, people have started trusting the online stores and […]

20 Landing Pages You Should Use As Inspiration For Your Next Design


We visit various site in a single day and we get attracted to different things in each one of them. While designing your website, it’s a super important task to create high converting landing pages in order to make your visitors stick to your site for a longer time span. This is crazy, but… Your […]

Want To Boost Conversions- You Need To Optimize Your Lead Gen Forms First

Lead generation form Tips

At the core of every conversion rate optimization strategy is the lead generation form. You might be wondering: Why it’s so important to make it easy for visitors to spot the form and complete it as quickly and painlessly as possible? This is because: Your lead form is the first gateway that your leads get […]