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20 Landing Pages You Should Use As Inspiration For Your Next Design


We visit various site in a single day and we get attracted to different things in each one of them. While designing your website, it’s a super important task to create high converting landing pages in order to make your visitors stick to your site for a longer time span.

This is crazy, but…

Your landing page is one of the major factors which will actually help you in converting your visitor into real customers.

A landing page plays a vital role in the lead nurturing of any site, so putting a proper focus in designing this is the best favor you can do to yourself.

There are plenty of elements which contribute in making your landing page a ‘Hit’.

The good part is that…

In this post you will be reading about the landing page optimization best practices along with 25 examples of great landing pages which would definitely inspire you and you’ll implement those ASAP!!!



Here are some of the landing page design best practices:

1. Single and Simple CTAs:

This is crazy:

You won’t believe…

But your landing page is a game of few seconds which can make you or simply break you.

Here’s the deal:

You just have few seconds to impress or catch your audience once he is on your landing page. If it doesn’t impress the visitor, he’ll not spend the very next second and would simply leave.

You got to have a call to action which will instantly grab the visitor’s attention at the very first glimpse.

Set a single primary CTA which will give a sense of focus and goal to the visitor, do not confuse him with a lot of CTAs. Just one CTA, prominent, attractive and catchy.

Keep single CTA for better conversions

‘Get Started Now’ is the CTA button on Zoho Projects. And see how focused it is. That is what you need to on your site. Create relevant CTAs to grab as many customers as you can. Do not let him go just because of a weak copy or lose grammar.

2. Real-Life Photos:

Using real-life photos in your landing page is always the best option. When you use pictures from ShutterStock, it gives a fake image to your site. Always make it a point to use your own photos.

Use real photos to improve landing page conversion

A driving academy when used their own student’s picture in front of the truck instead of a stock photo of driving a man, they ended up achieving 161% of more visits to the page and an increase of 38.4% in its registrations.

Photos taken from professional photo sites never look real or trustworthy, instead they give a fake and a weak look. These fake photos decrease the trust on the site.

3. Catchy Landing Page Copy:


A good copy of your landing page would do miracles too. Firstly, do not make your landing page overcrowded with a  lot of text, make it simple, focused and value-providing.

Few lines but MEANINGFUL lines, making the user realize that you do not have to have hundreds of things on your page to impress somebody but A FEW words would do the trick.

On a well built landing page you can expect a bounce rate of 70-90%. This proves that your sales copy needs to instantly deliver your message and be relevant to your audience.

Landing Page Copy Tip - Make it Catchy

A Hubspot study showed that calls-to-action (CTAs) targeted to users convert 42% more than untargeted CTAs. This states how important it is.

4. Flawless Grammar:


Put all your content team into it you need to, double or triple check your copy before finally publishing onto your website.

Impeccable grammar is one thing which will build your first perception on your site and remember if you lose on that, you lose it all.

So, do not put your business at your risk with just a single extra ‘s’ or an ‘e’ instead of an ‘a’. I know, you must be thinking that it’s just a small matter and people shouldn’t give this thing so much importance, but THEY DO!

It shows the background of people working behind the site, shows how much importance you put onto your site and how serious your team is about your work.

Spelling errors and sloppy grammar would always kill your credibility and put your image at risk.

Landing Page Copy tip - Don't make Grammar mistake

5. Captivating Headline:

You can play around your Headline really really well.

Make sure your headline is specific, sassy and relevant to the image you have used on your landing page. The headline should be attention-grabbing.

Landing Page Tips - Write catchy headlines

Fasttrack’s Headline is an amazing example of ecommerce site’s headline. The headline is catchy, interesting and relevant at the same time.

6. Presence of maximum Conversion Rules:

While designing your landing page, keep in mind all the conversion rules as well. This would include your CTA buttons, your copy, the colors you use, the layout of your site, your checkout or the sign-up procedure and your mobile-responsiveness.

We often think that it’s about the whole site, but it’s mainly about the landing page only. That is the point when you have to grab the visitor.

The rest of the site wouldn’t matter if you let him check out from the very first page.

So, keeping all the conversion rules in mind is very very important, indeed.

7. A Quick Reward:

Your landing page generates most of your leads because that is what holds your visitor at the very first place, if you lose him there, you lose him forever.

So, do not leave any chance to lose him, catch him right there and then. Giving reward at the landing page tends to be a great strategy in order to hold on to your customer.

If you are providing some kind of reward at the very initial page, there is a high chance that the visitor will stay.

Some kind of reward should definitely be there; a sign-up, some kind of gift, some valuable subscription or anything benefiting the user.

8. Building Trust:

Having a trustworthy bond between you and your visitor is very important as well. Make your visitor believe on what you are offering.

There should be no ambiguity left, otherwise the bond will break very quickly, in fact some very lame basis.

9. Limited links:

Remember to have a focused, less crowded and decent landing page, well that depends on the type of the site too, but most of the sites require to be goal-oriented and attention grabbing on one call-to-action.

Adding too many links on your landing page might distract your visitor. He might get distracted with a lot of likes and lose the track of your site or the track of main sign-up page.

10. Placing important things ‘Above the fold’:

When the visitor is visiting your page for the first time, he probably has no previous impression of your site, this is the first time you are going to interact with him. Make him worthwhile and do not let him go.

It is always preferable to grab him right there without putting him into any hassle. Placing your important things like your CTA buttons or your main things ‘Above the fold’ is one great thing you could do.

Visitors do not spend much time on your site, they scan for few second sand leave. So do not risk it and place everything right in front of his eyes when he lands on your site.

11. What Colors to use on Landing Pages:

Using Perfect colors is another important thing you need to remember while designing your landing page. Use of good colors can increase your conversions by amazings margins which you wouldn’t have ever imagined.

Here is Formstack advice on what Colors to prefer for certain kind of pages. This will really help in building yours.

Use right colors to increase landing page conversions


Here are 20 Inspiring Examples of Landing Pages that Must Check Out:

  1. Spideroak:

Good landing page design

This is an online backup site where you can store all your data online. The layout is simple, focused and easy to grasp. They have used a simple CTA button, and have used simple plain colors to make it look professional and trustworthy at the same time.

2. Team Drive:

High converting landing pages example - Service

See how this site, again about saving and syncing data, is simple and attention-grabbing at the same time. They have used a real photo along with a focused CTA button. The headline seems great. They have given the CTA button above the fold so that nobody misses it.

3. OwnCloud:

Best landing page examples for Saas

This is another great example with relevant graphics, colors and copy. A sense of trust is also there. The headline and subheadings are giving a nice impact on the user.

4. Sookasa:

examples of good landing page

This is another cloud site which saves your data online. They have used a color which exhibits trust. The headline is simple and catchy.

They have also given a brief description which is a good copy indeed. The logos inside the circle give a sense of trust. So, overall it’s an attention-grabbing landing page.

5. WebDam:

Best practices for landing pages followed here

This site is more of an adviser. I like the layout they have used., shows to have a sense of trust and help.

The have also given a form on the landing page with a CTA which is quite direct and simple. The choice of colors is great too.

They haven’t even given any extra links on the landing page in order not to lose their visitors. Keeping it simple always does the trick!

6. Shopify:

Great landing pages

Shopify is a online store builder, it helps in building an online marketplace with some really easy steps. Now the site designers have kept it simple and to the point.

With a catchy headline, they have used a simple CTA to attract visitors. The colors are contrasting and not so vibrant at the same time.

7. TruConversion:

High converting landing page example - TruConversion

Here at TruConversion, an all-in-one analytics application, the designers have used a good color combination, an attractive one indeed. The copy is precise and simple. Along with catchy headline.

The main attention falls on the CTA Button which is a good show.

8. Apple:

Simple Landing Page Design Example

Well, I do not need to give any intro to this webpage. See how simple and attractive they have made it. The headline, it’s copy and the color selection is just classic.

While exhibiting their brand image they have kept everything light and simple.

This is a trick, indeed, which plays around really well.

Less text looks less busier and makes the user look at important things only. Instead of putting all their product line on one page, they have kept it light which is a great strategy.

9. Airbnb:

Example of best landing page for conversion

Airbnb is a hotel booking site and they have created an amazing layout. The headline is captivating. The photo selection is superb because as I have mentioned above, along with a  real-life pictures always work, it also helps in building trust on the site.

The CTA tab is simple and easy to enter data.

Plus they have not given so much links on the landing page in order to keep the customer’s focus on point.

10. Wistia:

SAAS landing Page design example

This is video making site. The color selection is too good as they have use vibrant and lively colors exhibiting the feel of creating videos which are full of life. CTA button and the headline is great and to the point.

You must be seeing a lot of tabs on the top but all are relevant.

There is less text which is only essential for the user to know, they could have given a lot of links to their customers profiles and so on, but keeping it simple and impactful is the trick.

11. Impact:

Good landing page design example

Impact is a conversion tool. The colors are different but soothing and helping kind, gives a sense of belief I think. The have use a headline and a relevant graphic.

No extra links or confusions created in order to keep the customer focused for what he has logged in for.

12. Instapage:

Best practices for landing pages followed by Instapage

This is the most interesting site here in this post. The site helps you build your landing page in the bestest manner. The site look great itself, it must look like that too.

We can say that its been acting the ‘father of building landing pages’.

Look how simple it is, decent colors, captivating headline and an attractive CTA button which nobody can miss out on if he has logged in with a purpose. The watermark kind of image looks great too.

13. Fluidsurveys:

Sales landing page example

This site creates surveys and it is giving the information in the best possible manner.

You must be thinking that it has too much text but it is all relevant indeed.

The headline is focused along with attention-grabbing CTA buttons which nobody can miss out on. The color combination is nice and lively creating a sense of belonging.

They have kept the CTA button above the fold so the user doesn’t get distracted and immediately clicks on it.

14. Echodemic:

Service landing Page design example

It’s a social media marketing firm or a digital marketing agency we can say. They have given their brand names in front to show the class they cater too.

Naming other brands or influencers on your site is always a source of creating trust. They have also given social media links above so that you can like their social media pages too.

The choice of color is great too.

A form and a contact number is given below the fold because it is sure that the user would scroll down after seeing the first half.

15. Zipongo:

Ecommerce landing page design example

This site give awesome deals related to food. So all your hunger needs can be fulfilled here. The colors are vibrant and fresh. A simple page with a good headline, focused CTA. The user cannot be distracted or overdosed because the site has a step by step layout.

16. Bills:

Sales Landing Page Design

This site helps you relive your financial stresses. They provide easy access to money and help you lose your burden. The site needed to build a higher amount of interest and that is what they did. They placed tags below to make the user sure what they are logging on to.

A simple landing page which has a very low chance of bouncing.

A plain headline with a  simple CTA button, making it look serious and helpful at the same time. Color selection is great too.

17. Trulia:

Great Landing Page by Trulia

This is a perfect example of being focus and having simplicity.The designer didn’t nat the users to be disturbed by any other things so he kept it plain and nice. The colors and the image is great as well. The headline is attention-grabbing which will provoke those in need.

18. Velaro:

Good examples of landing page

Velaro is a site which provides Live Chat facility to websites. He site has important things prominent. The headline seems quite convincing. The signup form is short and precise, making the user fill it immediately.  Also, the clever part from the designer’s end is that half the form is placed ‘above the fold’ so the user doesn’t miss it.

19. LinkedIn:

Highly converting Landing Page by LinkedIn

This is LinkedIn, a site which helps you find your dream job. I really like the layout. The pictures seem real-life pictures from every background, giving it a wide image. The form is short and precise, keeping the focus along with a catchy form headline.

20. SoundCloud:

Personalized landing page by soundcloud

Soundcloud, the music store, has a pretty good landing page as well. It’s vibrant, catchy and lively at the same time. The picture also shows some popular musicians, giving it a real feel. The headline also gives an overall review of the site to the visitor.

A captivating copy is there along with a higher chance of conversion as the user couldn’t stop clicking on the song link given below the CTA button.


These were some of the best landing pages for conversion. The are some examples which lower down your landing page bounce rate by higher margins and make your site a highly optimized one making your visitors stay longer.

The point to be noted is that perfect positioning, a good headline copy with flawless grammar, relevant colors and photos, short forms and building trust are the few most important things to consider before designing your landing page.

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