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14 Product Landing Page Examples that should NOT be Overlooked


You must be amazed by the fact that this year was the year of highest development in the web world. We have seen the highest number of websites developed in the year 2015-2016.

The Amazing Part is:

That the online activity has increased within the last decade, people have started trusting the online stores and have started buying expensive products from online stores.

71% Online shoppers are beginning to think that the best deals are available online while 66% think and that they get better prices there.

But there’s another fact which shows that out of these sites, around 75% of websites today are not active, but parked domains only.

What do you think is the reason behind this?

It is because developing sites is relatively easier than running the site in accordance with visitors demands these days.

The online stores today make silly mistakes on their product landing pages and do not try to grab the visitors right there and then.

Some of the main mistakes in Product Pages include:

  • Poor layout
  • Bad page design
  • Poor graphics
  • Invisible CTAs
  • Lack of images
  • Difficult or long checkout process
  • Lack of product details
  • Few payment methods

In this post, I will anatomize some of the most popular ecommerce landing pages and will guide you on what to adopt and what to leave. Enabling you to perfectly design your landing pages of your product.

So what actually is a perfect Product landing Page?

Well, it’s definitely not a single component which makes it perfect, in fact it’s a mix of several elements. The elements include perfect product description, images, testimonials and a user-friendly checkout procedure.

Having a friendly user experience is extremely essential, as it can either hold your users or simply drift them away from your store.

We have to agree on a fact that product landing pages are different than other landing pages. Product pages have a high churn rate as people are really picky and choosy when it comes to online shopping.

First, we will go through some important elements which you should avoid having on a landing page of your product.


Elements you shouldn’t have on your Product Landing Pages

1. Long and Complex Checkout Process

Complex Checkout process lowers conversions

See, this site has a very lengthy form and no buyer would really fill and complete the checkout process unless he is dying to buy something, which won’t be the case.

2. Creating a User Account

Reason for high shopping cart abandonment

This a so much hassle for the user I swear, creating so much complications for the buyers is simply helping them drift away.

3. Poor Shopping Cart Design

Poor Shopping cart design example

Shopping carts should be easier to operate so that the buyer completes the checkout process instantly and doesn’t get the chance to exit before buying.

4. Few Payment Methods:

Few payment methods leads to cart abandonment

Giving less payment options is also sending your customers to other sites. Have more payment methods and create ease for all kinds of buyers.

5. Uncategorized Products

Reason for ecommerce bounce rate

Your Product pages should always be categorized. Otherwise the site will seem senseless and vague.


Now, let’s get started with reviewing what is best in town and which one is a lesson to learn.

But before we move on to the product page examples Check out this post to design a high converting ecommerce check process.


14 Amazing Product Landing Page Examples

1. Harry’s

Example of Product landing page with good CTA button

Harry is an eCommerce store which sells razors and other grooming products for men.

The background is plain which keeps the main focus on the products only, hence marking a good layout design.

The CTA button which is contrasting and standing out on the whole page, is grabbing the user’s attention.

They have given the shipping details in a very elaborative manner which lead to more checkouts as studies have revealed that shipping and handling fees are the main factors in cart abandonment.  So the checkout process is easy and user friendly.

2. Zoku Home

Product landing Page example

Now this product page has its own charm. Despite of using exciting colors, they have also kept it sophisticated.

3D product pictures are given, giving it a realistic look. The variant images show what the product is all about.

The tabs are user-friendly and navigating as well, making it an easy checkout for the buyer.

3. FiftyThree

High converting product landing page example

This digital Stylus for iPad, Pencil, has swiped the market off. On the top of that, the pictures and the graphics are super cool, giving the product look from every angle and making the user feel that he is shopping at some real-life store.

The page layout, CTA button and the color contrast is attention-grabbing and tends to increase customer retention.

The options of colors, pricing and the shipping also makes the checkout process easy and friendly.

4. Burberry

Attention grabbing product landing page example

This product landing page looks great as well as it seems to be appealing and attention-grabbing. Though it seems a little overloaded with information but it surely exhibits all the product feature.

From the 3D pictures to all the color, size and shipping options. These options make the checkout procedure simple and time saving for the customer.

5. Hunter

Easy Checkout process at Product page

This site is a visual treat for sure. Look at the colors, design and the layout the have created.

Along with the visual appeal, it also offers a super easy checkout process with a variety of color, size and shipping options.

The product features and the pricing is clearly mentioned, making it a memorable user experience.

6. Volkswagen

Simple Product landing Page example

This product page is simple yet catchy.


With a simple layout and design, they have also given proper navigators making an easy checkout procedure. The color options are also given along with other options.


User Friendly Product Landing Page

The site is a good example as all the options have been given, easy to use and alter your order in few seconds. The forms are user-friendly and optimized.

The location information is given also, making it easy for the user to see how will the order reach to him. The colors and the texture feel is also shown giving a real-life effect because of which most of the buyers hesitate to buy products online.

I also like the copywriting, while the clarity on delivery and charges is welcome.

8. Victoria’s Secret

Simple Checkout Process at Product Page

Victoria’s Secret is one of the leading brands when it comes to women products. The site is extremely friendly and easy to use. It provides users with all the options in a great manner.

The layout and background is simple and plain yet girlish and happening as well. The color combination is great too.

They have made their checkout procedure very easy so they do not lose out on the customers.

9. Mum Made

Optimize product landding pages with Powerful Headlines

This site is for the new born baby products. The layout is cute and lively attracting loads of mommies and mommy-to-be’s.

The CTA, ‘Take a peek!’ is attention-grabbing with beautiful graphics. All the important things are shown above the fold only, making the users stay.

Headline is catchy and captivating as well.

10. Betabrand

Example of Great Product landing Page

This product landing page is also user-friendly, giving all the images of the product from every angle, making the buyer trust the product. The usual and the only concern with online shopping is that buyers find it difficult to trust the product’s quality.

But now this concern has also gone by as these landing pages of product have become so detailed and realistic that there is no doubt left.

The page is pretty good, it’s giving easy checkout and buying procedure. THe use imagery is outstanding too.

11. Oak Street

Example of great landing page

Oakstreet is one of the leading footwear manufacturers. The site is plain, simple and easy to use.

The Designer hasn’t made it a complicated one, instead he has kept it plain for an easy use. Real-life photography is use rather than stock one.

A classy layout and a cozy feel is there.

12. Reebok E-Commerce

Best Product Page Example

Shop Sandals is site by Reebok, the site might seem a complex one but this is how they have made it a happening and lively site.

The Products are displayed, you can simple choose one and go on to further detail.

Other than products, they have also exhibited celebrities and fitness stuff to make the users interact more.

13. Airbnb

User Friendly product Page Example

Airbnb is one of the leading sites for hunting apartment, house or sharing rooms. The sites provides you with all the possibly needed details about an apartment.

The pictures are given, the form is easy to use and the checkout procedure is as easy as you can ever imagine.

It’s one of the most user-friendly product landing pages around the internet. The site also has reviews and testimonials giving  label of trust to the site.

14. Next

Prdouct page with Simple Layout

Next again shows a simple yet elegant site, making the user shop more and more. The ease and comfort that a site provides is very essential for the buyers.

Companies these days have learnt the trick and are able to grab a higher number of customers through designing sites which are far more convertible and easy to operate.

Conclusion: What Makes a Perfect Product Landing Page

The entire point of showing these amazing product page example is to encourage the website designers to make an optimized, compact and user-friendly site which makes it easy for the buyer to come, select, shop and checkout after paying.

Do not create any kind of problems for the buyer or else he has many choices to go at other than your site.

I’m sure this post will guide you on what elements to adopt and what to leave. Hoping to see this post effecting and helping to boost your conversion rates really soon!



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Justin Rondeau

Justin Rondeau is the Director of Optimization at DigitalMarketer and leads product innovation at TruConversion. He specializes in optimizing marketing campaigns and digital experiences to help grow businesses and is also interested in user experience research, karaoke, split testing, mustaches, and the Boston Bruins.

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