How to Use Pinterest to Drive Conversion?

How to Use Pinterest to Drive Conversion?

The ever-so-increasing competition on Facebook and Twitter has made marketing a complicated ordeal for businesses. Recently many experts reported a massive decline in the organic reach on Facebook. And with the increasing focus of Facebook and Twitter on monetization, marketing has become a complicated ordeal for marketers. So does that mean there’s no scope for […]

18 Tips to Create a Perfect LinkedIn Profile (Infographic)

How to Create a Perfect LinkedIn Profile (Infographic)

Did you know that LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for content marketing? With more than 380 million members, LinkedIn is a great channel for personal branding and is the most popular social network for professionals all around the world. With millions of registered users LinkedIn is surpassing other platforms as the premier social […]

12 Tips On How To Build Retail Campaigns On Facebook (Infographic)

If you don’t keep a close eye on the latest practices of social media marketing, chances are that you might miss reaching out to a huge chunk of your target audience. Talk about social media advertising and the first thing to strike our mind is Facebook. Facebook ads are considered to be one of the […]

How to Drive More Website Traffic with Facebook Ads

You are here because You want to increase your online or local sales. You are interested to promote your app. You want to raise awareness about your brand. You have specific business goals to achieve. Before you go further, I must say that Facebook Ads are the right tools to use. Let me tell you […]

How To Generate Leads With LinkedIn

Imagine having a Rolodex filled with information of thousands of highly quality potential clients. It gives you access to their names, job titles, company info, locations, backgrounds and more. On top of that, it gives you a way to send them electronic messages so you can network with them without leaving the comfort of your […]

How to Build Up Your Social Media Traffic in 15 Easy Moves

Oh, traffic! You follow us everywhere except for the one place we want you: on our websites and blogs. We do all the things we are supposed to do: we write regularly, we write in detail, and then we send out a tweet about what we have written. Shouldn’t we have at least 5 million, […]

25 YouTube Marketing Strategies to Skyrocket Your Traffic

A friend recently asked how you get traffic from YouTube. As I started to describe all the methods, it occurred to me that I should be writing this down. Here are the YouTube marketing strategies I wrote down to help my friend. They are relevant to any small business looking to use the video platform […]

10 Hacks to Create Super Shareable Social Media Content

How many times does a marketer wonder each day: What makes content go viral? Will this content go viral? A lot many times! However, the fact of the matter is that most content doesn’t get shared! In fact, less than 1% of all created content receives more than 1,000 shares, according to CoSchedule, who analyzed […]

The Ultimate List of Facebook Post Ideas for Small Business Owners

In 2015, Facebook is not only the largest social network, it’s the second largest website right after Google. If you’re a small business owner, the chances are most of your customers are on Facebook. Naturally, it’s quite crowded with advertisers and businesses looking to tap into this marketing channel. However having a presence and sharing isn’t […]

17 Facebook Marketing Pitfalls You Must Look Out For!

  You’re here because you’re aware of the importance of using Facebook to grow your business. You know that it has a large user base of 1.44 Billion active users. You realize that it can help you find new customers. But being aware of Facebook’s significance as a social media giant and actually doing marketing […]