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How To Use Colors To Increase Your Conversion Rate (Infographic)


Colors hold a significant importance in achieving the aesthetic look that we want for our website.  Not only are colors a way of communicating feelings and emotions but they also serve as a pivotal tool for impacting consumers’ decision to make a purchase.

Since colors have a transformative impact on our minds and trigger emotions like nothing else, using the right colors can have a profound effect on our visitors and direct them into taking an action. However, colors can contribute a lot more than just adding to the appearance of a website.

Numerous studies reveal that colors exert a persuasive psychological influence on human brain. Since our brains have the ability to process images 60,000 times faster than text, colors play a huge role in transforming the conversion rate of our landing pages.

According to a recent research by Quick Sprout, 90% of all product assessments are based on color alone whereas color accounts for 85% of the rationale behind consumers purchasing a specific product. On the basis of the aforementioned facts and figures, it wouldn’t be wrong to conclude that colors affect conversions. Big time.

In this Infographic we will be looking into the  influence colors have on our minds, attitudes and emotions along with the ways you can incorporate color psychology into your landing page designs and use colors to increase your conversion rates.



Data for Colors and Conversion Rate Infographic

Fun facts about Color Psychology

  1. People are most likely to make a subconscious decision just after 90 seconds of looking at a product.
  2. 90% of the product assessment is based on color alone.
  3. Magazine readers recognize full-color ads 26% more often than black-and-white ads.
  4. Two out of three consumers will not buy a large appliance if it doesn’t come in their preferred color.
  5. 85% of shoppers place color as a primary reason for why they buy a particular product.
  6. Color increase brand recognition by 80%. Brand recognition directly links to consumer confidence.

 Color and Business: How do using different colors in digital marketing affect conversion?

  • 92% Believe colors presents an Image of impressive quality
  • 90% Feel colors can assist in attracting new customers
  • 90% Believe customers Remember presentation and documents better when color is used.
  • 83% Believe colors make them appear more successful.
  • 81% think colors give them a competitive edge
  • 76% Believe that the use of colors make their business appear larger to clients 

The True Colors of the World’s Top Brands

A Study of the world’s top 100 Brands, Analyzed each brand’s logo and found the following

  • 29% use Red
  • 33% use Blue
  • 28% use Black or Grey
  • 13% use Yellow or Gold
  • 95% Brands use only one or two colors & 5% use more than two colors 

Psychology of Colors in Marketing: Super Power of colors 

  1. Red: Enthusiasm, Vigor, Passion, Desire
  2. Orange: Positivity, Inspiring, Pleasantness, Fun, Refreshing
  3. Yellow: Joy, Enthusiasm, Friendliness, Optimism, Confidence
  4. Green: Hopefulness, Growth, Uplifting, Balance, Encouragement
  5. Blue: Trust, Honesty, Power, Tranquility, Acumen
  6. Purple: Royalty, Quality, Exclusivity, Spirituality, Creativity

Colors psychology: Gender and Colors effecting Conversions

Colors men love

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green

Colors men dislike

  • Orange
  • Brown
  • Purple

Colors women love

  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Green

Colors women dislike

  • Grey
  • Orange
  • Brown 

Colors that influence the consumer spending behavior: Why different colors make people want to buy?

  • Red: Rich and refined
  • Black: Exclusiveness, sophistication and royalty
  • Blue: Trust and reliability
  • Orange: Fun, quality and affordability
  • Green: Perfect for nature lovers

Colors Businesses Should Use to increase sales:

  • Colors to use for Impulse Shoppers: black, royal blue and red orange.
  • Colors to use for Shoppers on a budget: navy blue and teal.
  • Colors to use for Traditional buyers: Pink, sky blue and rose.

Colors to Brands Should Avoid:

  1. Grey: loneliness and gloominess.
  2. Black: death and fear
  3. Light Pink: weakness and gender specific
  4. Light Blue: monotonous and stagnant.
  5. Brown: Boredom and dullness
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Hammad Akbar

Hammad Akbar is a tech entrepreneur with a passion for technology and online marketing. In his short career, he managed to bootstrap two technology companies with minimum funds to multimillion dollar revenues. As the CEO & Founder of InvoCube and InvoCode, he managed to grow the companies separately to 80+ Staff members and multi-million dollar revenues within 2 years of inception.

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  1. Nice article Hammad, really interesting to see these figures. I guess it’s time for me to add in some green into my website! Thank you for your time and information!

  2. Good information. Always good to see numbers. Success is a science that I am painfully, but joyfully learning. Thanks.