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Ultimate Handbook of Google Analytics Blogs For Best CRO Practices

If you’re looking to power up your website and turn it into an effective conversion machine, you need to learn how to set up and work with Google Analytics, the most widely used tool for online marketing, data analysis and testing.

More importantly, you need to understand how to interpret the information rendered by Google Analytics, and how to use the same to implement strategies that will help you boost your conversion rate and achieve your marketing goals in general.

Google Analytics

Here are 20 authoritative blogs that provide free, in-depth information on Google Analytics and everything related to it.

(Note that the blogs are arranged in no particular order. So, this is not a “Top 20” ranking.)



1. Analytics Talk

Analytical Talk

This blog is run by Justin Cutroni, the Analytics Advocate at Google. It goes without saying, but the author is in the best position to provide relevant information on anything Google Analytics and related stuff.

So, if you want to keep abreast of latest Google updates and how they can possibly affect your analytics results and CRO, then you won’t go wrong by following Analytics Talk.

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2. The KISSmetrics Blog

Kissmetrics blog

Although this blog focuses on marketing analytics and testing in general, it renders a lot of helpful information about Google Analytics. If you’re looking to learn how to use Google Analytics for A/B testing, lead generation, etc., then you’ll gain a lot by following the KISSmetrics blog.

The KISSmetrics blog is updated daily, so you’ll learn something new every day. And it’s run by seasoned internet marketer Neil Patel, which means you’ll be learning proven strategies directly from a renowned expert who really knows his stuff.

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3. The Google Analytics Blog

Google Anlaytical Blog

This is the official blog of Google Analytics, where you can get relevant and valuable information on the tool—as released by the team of experts at Google. Aside featuring easy-to-understand tutorials on various aspects of Google Analytics, the blog also covers related issues such as conversion, social media, search engine optimization, and other aspects of online marketing.

If you’re looking to start learning Google Analytics from the very basics, the official Google Analytics blog will be more than helpful. What could be more enlightening than learning Google Analytics directly from its creators?

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4. The Analytics Pros Blog

Analytics Prop

This blog is run by Analytics Pros, an organization founded by marketing analytics expert Caleb Whitmore. Although the blog isn’t specifically focused on Google Analytics, it features a lot of technical and business articles about the tool.

So, if you want to equip yourself with good knowledge of Google Analytics and marketing analytics in general, this blog is for you.

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5. The Analytics Ninja Blog

Analytical Ninja

This is another blog you should follow if you’re keen to learn about Google Analytics and its application in online marketing. Although the blog isn’t updated as frequently as most other blogs on the topic, the posts on the blog are detailed and are must-reads for anyone who wants to learn Google Analytics from its simplest aspects to the more complex ones.

The Analytics Ninja blog is owned by Yehoshua Coren, the proud founder of Analytics Ninja LLC.

Remarkable post: The Importance of Clean and Meaningful Google Analytics data.


6. The Crazy Egg Blog

Crazy Egg blog

No knowledge of Google Analytics is complete without full understanding of how it relates with conversion optimization. This important relationship is the major subject of the analytics section of the Crazy Egg blog. So, visit this blog to learn and understand how to use Google Analytics data to boost your conversion rates and achieve your ultimate online marketing goals.

The Crazy Egg blog is the official blog of Crazy Egg, a conversion optimization/heatmap tool co-created by Neil Patel.

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7. Occam’s Razor

occam Razor

Run by web analytics and digital marketing expert, and bestselling author Avinash Kaushik, this blog covers virtually all aspects of marketing analytics—including analytics tips, qualitative analysis, web metrics, competitive intelligence analysis, and so on. In addition, the blog features custom reports that will help you get more from your data.

Follow Occam’s Razor blog to learn proven analytics insights from a renowned expert and take your data analysis skills to the next level.

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8. Online Behavior

Online Behavior

Founded by Daniel Waisberg in 2013, Online Behavior is a blog that focuses on marketing measurement and optimization. That focus notwithstanding, a significant fraction of the blog’s content is crafted around Google Analytics, testing, and related topics.

Online Behavior features hundreds of insightful posts written by many online marketing experts. So, follow the blog if you would like to learn from many seasoned teachers at once.

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9. The Moz Blog

Moz Blog is one of the few globally trusted sources of authoritative and well-researched information about various aspects of online marketing. While the Moz blog features posts on multiple topics, the subject of Google Analytics is well represented.

So, follow the Analytics section of the blog to learn information about everything related to Google Analytics, from general best practices to instructions for analyzing your data and conducting experiments. Even if you’re a complete beginner, you’ll be able to understand the posts, and you’ll find them very helpful.

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10. Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch

A widely trusted blog that focuses on search engine marketing and related information, Search Engine Watch has a robust analytics section where you can learn a lot about Google Analytics. Aside featuring tips on how to use analytics, the section also contains real-life analytics success stories that will motivate you.

If you want to learn Google Analytics along with important aspects of search engine marketing, follow Search Engine Watch—the Analytics section in particular.

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11. The Insights Blog

Noise or Music

This blog is founded by Brian Clifton, an internationally renowned Google Analytics author and data practitioner.

On the blog, Brian writes on a wide range of analytics topics, from data analysis to testing.

If you’re looking to learn the intricacies of Google Analytics from an expert who really understands the tool, you won’t go wrong by following The Insights blog.

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12. Annielytics


On this blog, Annie Cushing shares her vast knowledge of analytics, data visualization and Excel-related topics. Although the blog isn’t focused specifically on Google Analytics, it features a lot of related information.

In addition to the text content on her blog, Annie has a video course that teaches how to work with Google Analytics and use it to generate data in Microsoft Excel. If this is something you’d love to learn, then you have one more strong reason to check out and follow Annielytics.

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13. Jeffalytics


Owned by seasoned digital marketing consultant Jeff Sauer, this blog focuses on several aspects of digital marketing, including content marketing, lead generation, analytics, search engine optimization, email marketing, social media marketing, and so on.

In addition, Jeff offers video training sessions on Google Analytics. There are three sessions (beginner, intermediate, and advanced), so you can gradually learn your way to becoming a Google Analytics expert.

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14. Simo Ahava’s Blog

Simo Ahava

Owned by digital marketing expert Simo Ahava, this blog focuses on digital analytics. Nothing more. So, you can expect to get high quality information on Google Analytics, other aspects of digital analytics, and everything that’s related to analytics.

Whether you’re looking to build an audience for your business blog or you want to increase your conversion rate with your business website, you’ll find Simo Ahava’s posts very relevant and helpful.

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15. The E-Nor Blog

E-nor blog

Run by a team of experts that specialize in handling digital marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies (such as Ebay, Sony, and LinkedIn), this blog focuses solely on Google Analytics and how it relates to other aspects of digital marketing, such as qualitative analysis, mobile analytics, and lots more.

Follow the E-Nor blog to learn directly from experts who get their hands dirty with Google Analytics all the time. You’ll never get enough of all the insightful information published on the blog.

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16. The LunaMetrics Blog

The LunaMetrics Blog

This blog is run by LunaMetrics, a company owned by Robbin Steif. The company is a Google Analytics Certified Partner and a Google Analytics Premium Reseller. That speaks volumes, right?

Expectably, the LunaMetrics blog features in-depth information on Google Analytics and Google Adwords—two tools you must understand how to use to become a killer conversion expert. The blog is frequently updated, so you’ll be able to keep abreast of latest Google Analytics trends.

Remarkable post: Basic Reporting Automation with Google Analytics.


17. The Cardinal Path Blog

The Cardinal Path Blog

This blog focuses on digital marketing and is run by a team of experts led by John Hossack. It features insightful information on virtually all aspects of digital marketing and intelligence, with special focus on digital data and analytics.

If you want to learn from the vast experience of analytics experts, then you need to follow the Cardinal Path Blog. Not only will you understand the intricacies of Google Analytics, but you will also learn related aspects of online marketing such as CRO, SEO and social marketing.

Remarkable post: Using Google Analytics to Understand Your Customers


18. The Marketing Experiments Blog

The Marketing Experiments Blog

Marketing Experiments is a research lab for online marketing experiments, where various online marketing tactics are tested based on different criteria.

The Marketing Experiments blog features insightful posts that mostly discuss the results of latest experiments conducted by online marketing researchers.

The Analytics and Testing category of the blog abounds with information on various analytics tools. This information will guide you on how to analyze data correctly and use it to implement the appropriate strategies.

Remarkable post: Web Analytics: How To Use Data To Determine Where To Test


19. The Hubspot Inbound Marketing Blog

The Hubspot Inbound Marketing Blog

Run by the team of experts at Hubspot, this blog is widely known for quality, well-researched, and valuable information about various aspects of online marketing. It has a robust analytics section, where you can find posts on general marketing analytics as well as those on Google Analytics.

The section also contains tutorial posts that detail how to use Google Analytics to boost conversion and ROI, as well as relevant must-see metrics.

If you want to learn how to use Google Analytics, gain helpful insights from it, and use it to achieve your online marketing goals, follow the Hubspot Inbound Marketing Blog.

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20. Web Analytics World

Web Analytics World

This blog is dedicated to marketing analytics, so it’s no surprise that a sizable fraction of its posts is about Google Analytics. If you would like to master the art of using Google Analytics, then this is one of the blogs you should read frequently.

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BONUS: The TruConversion Blog

Truconverion Blog

Yep! This is our very own blog. The TruConversion blog tells you the truth about conversion optimization. Even better, we occasionally share some insights about Google Analytics.

So, it’s best you stick around and take in what we have to offer.

We trust you’ve found some new blogs to follow in the list. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will learn something new when reading and interacting with them.

Now, it’s your turn!

Do you know of other reputable Google Analytics blogs that are not on this list? Or do you disagree with the inclusion of some blogs on this list? Kindly share your thoughts by leaving a comment. And don’t forget to share this post with others.


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