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Which Button Got The Most Clicks On This Landing Page?

A) The Big Green Call To Action (CTA)
B) The Black ‘Claim Your Free Copy’ CTA (Note: this was a persistent CTA)
C) The ‘Look Inside’ Ghost Button

So which one do you think got the most clicks? The answer may seem obvious but the runner up gives the real insights! Okay time to pick which you think one…no cheating.


Here's a heatmap of the page showing us click density.
Here’s a heatmap of the page showing us click density.

If you’ve never looked at a heatmap before, let me tell you what the heck is going on here: the higher the click density on a particular element, the ‘hotter’ the area of a heatmap.

If you were looking at your own landing page you’d want your CTAs to be red hot, just like this big green button.

Okay, now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s dig into the results.

That’s a lot of clicks! Good thing it’s the main Call To Action!

If you guessed that A) Big Green Button had the most clicks…well you were right! The green button received a phenomenal 38.68% of the total clicks on the page.

Since the button stands out, has a compelling CTA, and is one of the main focal points of the page this really isn’t surprising. However, we were surprised by the click rate on some of the other secondary CTAs.

First, let’s dig into the smaller black button on the persistent bar.

This got less clicks than any button on the page...for desktop visitors.
This got less clicks than any button on the page…for desktop visitors.

You couldn’t escape this button, if you scrolled away from the main CTA this button just stayed with you. The concept of claiming your free copy was ever present, but this actually got the least amount of clicks!

At only 5.22% of clicks, this performed well but wasn’t the main interaction point for people who wanted to get a free copy of Invisible Selling Machine.

What was really interesting was that ‘Look Inside’ ghost button. It was so interesting it’s going to get its own section.

I See Ghost Buttons

Okay I’ll say it:

I’ve said this time and time again that this is just a designer’s attempt to make the page look nice with out any regard to conversions.

However, if the button is meant to be a secondary CTA, it supports the main CTA, and enhances the understanding of the product then ghost buttons are fine by me!

The ‘Look Inside’ button got the second most clicks on this page at 7.9% of all page clicks.

This ghost button was definitely seen by more than just Haley Joel Osment.
This ghost button was definitely seen by more than just Haley Joel Osment.

This has some pretty serious repercussions for people selling books, information products, and actual products on ecommerce shops.

Simply put:
People want to see what they’re getting and they will take the time to evaluate whether they want what you’re selling.

Why does this matter?

Well this is one of the most persuasive areas on the page. If you offer ‘Closer looks’, examples, or various images of your product you’re going to get a lot of interest. You need to leverage this interest and make sure it isn’t competing with your main CTA.

In this case the button seemed to support the offer and kept the main focus on that Big Green Button.

Finally it’s worth noting that the click rate drastically changes when you look at mobile. The ‘Look Inside’ button remained above the fold on a mobile phone but dropped to the least clicked element on the entire page.

People on mobile didn’t seem to have time to dig into the book, likely didn’t trust that clicking wouldn’t break the mobile experience, scrolled through the page, and ultimately clicked on one of the several big green buttons on the page.

How To Leverage This Information

So we have some pretty interesting stuff, but now what?

Well first, we know that the page elements are working as they should and there isn’t an issue of CTA competition. However, there is something DigitalMarketer can do to improve conversions.

When you click ‘Look Inside’ you see this:

Missed opportunity! See how we can turn insights into tests? Pretty cool right?!
Missed opportunity! See how we can turn insights into tests? Pretty cool right?!

They can scroll through and see the first few pages as well as the back cover, but to get back to the big green button they need to close this modal window.

If the light bulb hasn’t turned on for you yet, let me flip that switch.

DigitalMarketer should try testing out a CTA button in the modal window to improve clicks and conversions. There’s no better time to try to get them to convert than when they are actually consuming part of the product they are considering. Toss a CTA and conversions will likely go up.

Heatmaps are a phenomenal way to come up with new ideas to improve the user experience EVEN IF your page is functioning as your user would expect. Using this kind of report showed that there are a lot of visitors interested in further examination of the product and DigitalMarketer should capitalize on this opportunity by asking them to buy while they are taking the closer look.

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Justin Rondeau

Justin Rondeau is the Director of Optimization at DigitalMarketer and leads product innovation at TruConversion. He specializes in optimizing marketing campaigns and digital experiences to help grow businesses and is also interested in user experience research, karaoke, split testing, mustaches, and the Boston Bruins.

2 Responses

  1. Awesome post Justin. I’d be keen to know how conversions from the ghost button to the main CTA were. So, clearly the ghost button was important, but did it ultimately help drive conversions?


    1. Bryan – I wish I had that data. This was more or less an exercise to find opportunity on the page. These inquisitive visitors aren’t given an option to purchase if they see what they like which is why I think it’s a good opportunity to either add a CTA or test out some new messaging there.