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6 Simple Ways to Kill Bounce rate!

6 Simple Ways to Kill Bounce rate!

Have you ever considered, why your site is  bouncing visitors? Any idea? What can be the reason behind it? You are giving time to your site, but still it is not getting enough views and the bounce rate is getting higher day by day.


When you do not know how to handle and attract your clients, by using pointless catchphrases or having no good interaction between your site and the visitor.

It is really a frustrating thing when you realize that your site or post is not getting enough tweets and likes, the way it has to.  Your landing page is not getting enough views and your bounce rate !! It is reaching its peak, instead of getting to the base.

Bounce rate

On the web, a high and increased bounce rate is the embrace of death and loss — and beyond any doubt, signals that your site and advertising methodology require a noteworthy redesign.

Studies show that a site having more landing pages will have more views and a less number of bounces. If you are having 4 to 5 landing pages, they will be one of the causes for the high bounce rate.

It is very important to know the basic structure of  a good landing page. It’s useless if you are making 10 to 15 landing pages without having its essential limits, your bounce rate will still remain high.

Have you ever visualized a perfect landing page?

What if you are planning to pop up a site and you are unaware of what is a landing page. Your site will definitely going to have a bounce rate at a speed of 80m/s.

Check out this infographic to learn about creating a perfect landing page.

Now coming to the main problem, I will going to take baby steps and will clarify you on every issue related to bounce rate.

Let’s start with the most easy but a major question.


What is bounce rate?

By definition, bounce rate is the rate of site guests who leave your landing page or your site, without moving forward.

They do not bear to scroll down the page or load other option present on the page. Why might these clients “skip”?

It’s likely a sign that your site isn’t giving the data the client looks for, the site could be taking a lot of time to load (which is really very annoying and frustrating)

or difficult to explore,

or maybe there’s some bigger problem between your site and your clients.

Reducing your bounce rate, helps you to increase your site views and its conversion rate.

If you know that basic strategy of the conversion architecture, you will have no issues in growing your business.

conversion architecture

Bounce Rate vs. Exit Rate

I have observed there is still some confusion about two central metrics in web marketing, Bounce Rate and Exit Rate.

So before moving on let me demystify them.

Bounce Rate vs. Exit Rate


Why is bounce rate vital?

A bounce for the most part implies that the guest touched base on your site, took one gander at the page they arrived on, chose it wasn’t a good fit for them, and left.

In this way, your site’s bounce rate can give you a smart thought of whether your vistors  are connected to your site.

Let’s look at this example to help you understand this better

Imagine that your site says “Top natural remedies of the diseases” and inside they are finding the matter related to doctor’s medicines. This is not what they were looking for. This will increase your bounce rate.


That can feel like a bit of smack in the face, but that’s what Bounce Rate is!

What is a decent/normal bounce rate?

A low bounce rate shows that the site is pulling in the right sort of gathering of people, and that guests are investigating the site’s substance.

A high bounce rate proposes that guests aren’t discovering what they’re searching for when they touch base on the site, and are doing a reversal to their internet searcher to discover something else.

 According to Google, the normal bounce rate is 40%. In any case, this is totally aimless, in light of the fact that what constitutes a decent bounce rate changes by:

  • Industry
  • Brand validity
  • Type of site
  • Type of page
  • Stage of the client lifecycle
  • User goal
  • And numerous other potential elements

average bounce rate

Google Analytics Benchmark Averages for Bounce Rate

Google Analytics Benchmark Averages for Bounce Rate

How to decrease bounce rate?

Quit focusing on catchphrases/promoting channels which are sending low esteem activity

Here are 6 Simple Ways to Kill Bounce rate!

1. Enhance Your Content’s Readability

One reason your objective clients leave your site is an absence of decipherability. Client experience starts when your substance is comprehensible and neat.

In particular, extensive lumps of content alarm perusers away, so maintain a strategic distance from it.

Here are a couple tips to offer you some assistance with formatting your substance and make it more decipherable:

  • Use subheadings to toss all the more light on your point.
  • Use visual cues clarify advantages or focuses important.

Heading and subheadings bounce rate

  • Utilize a lot of graphs, pictures, screenshots, and cites from industry specialists where proper.
  • Striking watchwords a couple times. ( But do not overuse it)
  • Solicit a great deal from inquiries in your substance to give perusers a welcome to take part, rather than simply read.
  • End your substance with a subheading entitled “conclusion.” This advises the per user to rapidly read the last few words and make a move. Make your decision noteworthy.

2. Dodge Popups – Don’t Disrupt the UX

Study and statics show that people are irritated by pop-ups.

Pop up

In a survey, 75% of people faced pop-ups in 2013 and they were quite frustrated.That presumably hasn’t changed – a great many people still loathe popups. Among site proprietors and advertisers, it’s a strongly talked about subjects, whether to utilize popups or keep away from them.

As indicated by data, just 14% of customers will consider reacting to a popup notice, contrasted with 51% who react decidedly to email off.

Then again, popups work. There’s no denying the way that they can develop your email list quicker.

3. Enhance Your Brand Storytelling

Narrating will charm the brains of your intended interest group individuals. In any case, you need to utilize it well. Keep in mind that your clients are bound to recollect and react to great stories.


You must perceive how individuals read content. They’re for the most part checking a page, searching for something that emerges. It could be a subheading, a word, a term or a picture. Narrating can join those eyes-getting components with whatever remains of your substance.

Obviously, you require clarity in your substance. Be that as it may, narrating helps your substance, engage clients in a dynamic, enthusiastic manner. Subsequently, they’ll start to trust you more.

So by what method would it be advisable for you to consolidate narrating into your substance, if you will probably construct an unwavering group of onlookers that will read your substance, react to your offers and tune in your enterprises?

Simply by making your own customers the leader and hero. And being truthful and loyal, rather than using cheat and spam things.

4. Show Credibility

 “Credibility” is the capacity to motivate conviction or trust in other individuals. Much the same as notoriety, validity isn’t what you say in regards to yourself, yet how other individuals see you. Validity matters – don’t overlook it.

Whatever you do on the web, perceive that it can’t all be about making a fast buck to the detriment of your notoriety and standards. Rather, utilize each chance to help other people.

Credibility principle5. Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

  Is your site responsive? At the point when prospects visit your site on their iPhone, iPad, tablets, and other cell phones, will it show flawlessly?

It’s a great opportunity to take your image to versatile, in light of the fact that your clients have their cell phones with them all around.

We’re living in the portable age. Right around 95% of your clients are on versatile, so your site must be advanced for them.


Using a mobile friendly test helps you to see, whether your site is ready for a mobile phone or not. It can have small texts or it can take too long time to load. These things will, going to diverge your visitors in an opposite way and you will get a high bounce rate.

6. Improve Your Page Load Time

How imperative is site pace with clients? All things considered, shoppers anticipate that a site page will load in 2 seconds or less. Following 3 seconds, customers will no more sit tight for your site to stack – they’ll simply proceed onward to your rival’s site.

Load Times

The slower you’re greeting pages stack, the higher your skip rate will be. Furthermore, Google is additionally worried about site speed – you can slip in the rankings if your site reliably eases back to stock.

The main issue is that a moderate site can decimate your business and debilitate potential clients from purchasing from your site.

Conversion Rate Page Load Time

The slower you’re greeting pages stack, the higher your skip rate will be. Furthermore, Google is additionally worried about site speed – you can slip in the rankings if your site reliably eases back to stock.

The main issue is that a moderate site can decimate your business and debilitate potential clients from purchasing from your site.

Page test

See your result!!

Test Page Example


In this article, I’ve discussed a few approaches to reduce bounce rate and help conversion rate.

In any case, without fantastic substance, regardless of the fact that you succeed at slicing your bounce rate down the middle, your danger of expanding it again is high.

Did you find any of these tips helpful? Share your experience below.

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