They Didn’t Think I Could Succeed With Those Paid Traffic Sources, But I Did

Top Paid Traffic Sources

Do you remember the time when the best paid traffic sources for a business were ABC, NBC, and CBS? A simple time that consisted of three boring TV channels with the same content geared towards appeasing a mass audience. Or when a small business could be successful with paid ads in the yellow pages? Well, […]

8 Ways To Improve Content Marketing Strategies To increase Leads

67% of surveyed B2B companies reported marketing content as a top three or high priority area within their overall 2015 marketing strategy. At the same time, these businesses wasted an estimated $958 million each year in inefficient and ineffective content marketing spend. Well, these businesses are right in one way. If they need to increase […]

Content in a Slump? Improve it with Influencer Outreach

Improve Content marketing with Influencer Outreach

When working in content marketing, it’s very common that at one point or another, your content begins to get a little stale. This happens to most of us marketers since we’re working with the same brand(s) day in and day out. Sometimes you need another person to write the content for a while as you […]

How to Survive the Zombie Content Marketing Apocalypse

I’m not sure if it is the upcoming Halloween season or just the fact that finally The Walking Dead is back, but whatever it is, I’ve got zombies on the brain. Zombies are fun in theory. If they show up in a movie or a show, then a lot of people will tune into watch. […]