The Perfect Funnel Blueprint Mini Class

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All businesses need a selling system and in this mini class we'll share our PROVEN selling system from the funnel structure to the individual page elements and copy so you can...
  • Predictably turn visitors into qualified leads and buyers (face it, we all want more leads and sales…)
  • Have swipe file examples with page designs and offers to generate more value per customer …
  • Find out why everyone should be using a two-step cart if they sell anything online…with the data to back it up!
  • Create natural touch points that turn one-time buyers into repeat customers (hint…it’s more than just email…)
  • PLUS 9 of our favorite tactics to super charge your conversions, the average order value, and purchase frequency (one of these can get your offers an additional 201,950 views per year!!!)

What We'll Cover...

Lesson 1:
The Blueprint
Swipe this funnel blueprint we’ve used to generate MILLIONS in sales across several different companies and industries!
Lesson 2:
More Leads & Sales
We’ll share the exact pages we use and breakdown what works PLUS share 3 sales & lead boosters EVERY funnel needs.
Lesson 3:
Value Boosters
Learn how to increase your average customer value without sacrificing front-end conversions. 
Lesson 4:
Repeat Buyers
It’s always easier to convert the customers you ALREADY HAVE. We’ll share our favorite tactics that create repeat customers.

Get Instant Access To the 4-Part Mini Class Today