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Get Rid of Shopping Cart Abandonment with TruConversion


The fact that the ecommerce sales is expected to raise by 20.1% in the upcoming year shows a pretty bright future of this industry.

And it is evident that the basic reason for this growth is expansion in online and mobile user base, along with new payment modes and various new trends in the online industry.

But here is an issue…

Despite of this increasing percentage in online sales, we also see a rise in shopping cart abandonment rate. Some users are buying while some are just filling the carts and leaving them just like that, resulting in increased cart abandonment.

A research by Baymard Institute shows that on average 68.81% of the shopping carts in UK are abandoned.

So, have you really thought about the actual cause for an increased rate of shopping cart abandonment?

The main causes comprise of a long list which really needs to be looked at.

You must have found many solutions, tips, recovery strategies by now in which some must have worked and some might have failed!

But… you don’t need to worry anymore!


I’ve got you covered!

Keep reading and I’m simply going to change the way you tackle your high shopping cart abandonment rate…

Now you will be able to catch your customers right from the point they bounce off from your site!

Lets’ first go through some of the common ways of reducing shopping cart abandonment and then check what’s new.:


Reducing Cart Abandonment- The Usual Way

Shopping cart abandonment is becoming an increasingly common topic around. All the ecommerce owners are worried about saving their carts and improving their checkout processes.

Here you go with some of the very common ways with which most website owners control their cart abandonment: 

Perfect Shopping cart blue print

Easy Checkout Process:

Providing an easy login and checkout is one way to encourage people to buy more. Because people get really upset with difficult checkouts and hence leave the site immediately.

Offering Guest Checkout is another best option. As nobody likes complex and long sign up processes just for buying a product.  

Studies show that 25% of the visitors abandon the carts just because of complex check out procedures.  

Low Shipping Costs:

Some sites think they are too smart and they would make the customer pay anything by putting the costs at the end.

But they are fooling themselves without realizing the fact that the customers are not bound… Customers will simply leave the site there and then when seeing a high cost being told at the end.                

So offering free shipping or maybe a very low cost for it, is something you can do in order to grab more customers.            

Variety of Payment Modes:

E-Stores are not realizing the fact that when they are offering online sales, they should focus on the payment methods as well. If you’re wouldn’t let the customer pay, how do you expect the sale to actually occur.

A lot of customers exit because they can’t see the payment option which is suitable for them. And this is one of the very main reasons for high shopping cart abandonment.

You should always strive to give your customers all the payment options you can so they don’t find any room to leave your cart just like that.         

Some main option include PayPal, Google Payments, Amazon Checkout, Visa’s and MasterPass.

Offer a variety of Pictures:

Keeping the customer in a vague state and not showing him the product properly is another foolish mistake the online marketplaces usually make.

We have hundreds of examples where customers roam around pictures and buy after a lot of viewing. Because they need to be satisfied as they can’t see the product live.

So, make sure to provide pictures from every angle, from all dimension and provide thumbnails of the product also.

These are some major elements that you MUST take care of. Other than these factors like social proofs, wishlists, compelling CTA buttons, optimized form fields, and mobile-responsiveness determine the success of your online shopping store.


It is clear enough that you need to consider the importance of these factors and without these it is surely difficult for you to make your cart convert more.


What if I tell you a Really Good News here!!           

What if I tell you that we have some more efficient and effective way of reducing your cart abandonment and making them far more sellable than before.

What do you think is that way.. Any guesses??!

No.. you can’t??

Okayy. So let me solve it for you!

‘Conversion Rate Optimization Tools’.

Yes, CRO tools!

You basically need to use an all-in-one application for it. An application with various tools which will disclose all the secrets to you and would genuinely guide you on how to have a perfect shopping cart design by letting you see what your visitors actually demand out of your cart.

The application which I’ll be showcasing in this post is TruConversion. Let’s go through what it is offering!

TruConversion- Helping you Reduce your Shopping Cart Abandonment                                                   

TruConversion helps you remove all the guesswork that you have been doing since past so many years. It allows you to fully track your visitors now and see what he is actually doing at your site and how are they interacting with the content you have provided.

This tracing of the visitor’s activity allows you to observe his likes, dislikes and interests. In this manner, you are able to tweak your site, generate more leads and eventually convert your visitors into real customers by providing them exactly what they are looking for.

It is an all-in-one application which offers you a set of valuable tools that allow you to have useful insights about your visitors in an extremely quick way.

It’s just a matter of two minutes where you will be installing a code at your website and then it’s jingle all the way because then you can see what your visitors are doing.

Let’s get to the focal point of this post now and discuss the main tools which TruConversion offers to websites and how does it help in reducing their shopping cart abandonment.


Heatmap is one of the most useful tools at TruConversion. It is a tool which gives you a chance to track the visitor’s activity. It lets you see all the mouse movements, clicks and the areas where the visitor has carried out the most activity.

It also gives you a chance to observe which areas are attention grabbing, where does the visitors takes the mouse at and which area basically lets him leave the site.

This definitely gives you a great opportunity to place your CTA button, sign up and lead gen forms at the right place and get great conversions later on.

TruConversion’s Heatmap is used by various well-known brands. One of the famous brands is Mr. Swag which has set up a heatmap at their site and has come to know that which areas of the site are doing well and which areas are not.


Session Recordings:

Another feature that TruConversion offers is Session Recording which gives you a video of the whole session that the visitor spends at your site. These sessions lets you see the activity that the visitor carries out at your site or any single web page.

This shows you the whole time user has spent at a page, you won’t miss anything he did there.

Check how Mr.Swag has put Session Recording Tool on their Wallet Collection Page and now you can see all the movements that a visitor took there:



Funnel is an extremely useful  tool which helps you in making a much more convertible checkout or the sales track at your site.

When you know where the exact problem occurs in your checkout process, you can make changes and create a much more optimized website.

You might have heard about the term Sales Funnel which is comprised of four main steps.


This is also called Conversion Funnel. We need awareness, interest, desire and an action in the last to actually convert our visitor into a customer.

Now, TruConversion basically gives guidance to websites on how they can improve their sales funnel and make it convert more.


So this is a two step Funnel that TruConversion has put on its own site. This report shows how many people passed through the funnel and what conversions did the site have.

This funnel will help you a lot on making a perfect checkout process where there would be no chance of leaving it in the middle. Checkout procedure is the reason most of the shopping cart abandonment, but funnel will filter all the barriers in your design and make your customers stay and purchase.

Also, check these 40 Amazing Hacks to improve your Checkout Process!

Form Analytics:

Form Analytics is a tool which helps you create optimized forms that brings a lot more conversions than the usual forms which are not SEO optimized.

This tool help you see how many people filled your form, what time did they spend on which field, how many times did they re-filled and much more.


See this is form that use Form Analytics Tool. And this is how the reports reads. It tells about each and every field. It tells about the interactions, the fill ups, the blanks and the time spent.

Now through the reports like these, you can clearly pinpoint that which field is beneficial for you and which one is simply useless.This will help you build much more optimized web forms than before.

Often, long forms in checkout processes is the major turn off for the customer and the customer does not feel the need to fill in so much.

You will also be able to work more on the CTA buttons, colors, fields and the size of the web form now. Because you know what makes or breaks your form.

This will eventually reduce your shopping cart abandonment by huge margins.

See how Noble Gentleman has formed its orms to convert more. It has used thumbnails plus the relevant fields only.




These were the four main tools that TruConversion offers. These tools are a perfect fit for shaping up your cart design in a most convertible manner.

Because these tools help you see, observe, pinpoint and then rectify the weak areas of your site. Hence cutting down on your shopping cart abandonment.

Now, you will be able to grab a lot more visitors than before and your carts would not be abandoned also.

You wouldn’t need the recovery emails even because now the maximum customers would complete the checkout process and won’t run away and leave your cart like that.

Now be tension-free and Design Best Online Shopping Carts with TruConversion!

Happy Designing 🙂

Perfect Shopping cart blue print

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