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How to Optimize Your Website and Increase Your Profits [Case Studies]


Every online business needs to grow, but it’s hard to create a successful website.

A website in its simplest form is a marketing tool, a way for you to generate leads and sales for your business.


Creating a website with fancy landing pages isn’t enough. You constantly need to monitor its performance and make changes to make sure you are not losing money.


Check these mind-blowing stats:

  • Removing product banner on SimCity product page increases conversions 43% for EA
  • Changes to button text increases clicks 17% for Black and Decker
  • Removing navigation from checkout funnel increases RPV 14% for VeggieTales
  • Removing subcategories from homepage lifts revenue per visitor 53.8% for FSA Store
  • Adding answers to FAQ on product page increases conversions 69% for Roller Skate Nation

Imagine how much these companies would have lost if they weren’t tracking their website performance!

You need not only understand how’s the traffic coming but also focus how much money is that traffic making you.

You’re spending loads of money on bringing in the traffic through different mediums. You should now focus on converting those visitors into lifelong customers.

Here’s where I can help you with TruConversion!

TruConversion is a Power-Packed CRO Application that will let you monitor  how people interact your with your website and help you optimize it for more sales!

See exactly how visitors interact with your website

With tools like Recordings, Funnels, Heatmaps, learn where visitors leave and then leverage tools like Microsurveys and Surveys to learn why.

That way you can improve the website and get a better ROI from your marketing tool.

Pushing you closer every day to creating a successful website and a growing online business.

Now let’s talk about how to optimize your website!


Track, Measure and Optimize your Website

So far you learned that website are simply marketing tools, and like all marketing tools they need to create a positive return on investment for your business.

Therefore it’s really important you track, measure and optimize your website so it improves over time.

Many marketers don’t track their website and simply make changes and run marketing campaigns with no data to back up their ideas.

This also means they have no results to measure their ROI or benchmarks to improve on and optimize in the future.

They are just depending on their gut feeling.

Not a smart move.

If you can track, measure and optimize your website you can improve it over time.

The best way to view your website is as a sales funnel, a series of steps you want your users to take through your customer journey from visitor to sale.

But different types of websites have different sales funnels as shown below:

website funnel examples

The first step should be to identify the Drop-Off points in your conversion process and then prevent leakages by mapping out visitor’s path and analyze key journey points.

So are you ready? Let’s start tracking your website!

Step 1 – Install TruConversion Tracking Code

Step 2 – Set Up Funnels To See Where People Are Leaving

Funnels are a way to measure how customers move through any series of pages while navigating a website.

When visitors visit for the first time they may get confused. Funnel analysis helps identify where people drop off so you can increase your conversions.

Prevent leakages by mapping out visitor’s path and analyze key journey points.

CTA [ Set Up Funnels Now]

Step 3 – Set Up Recordings To Learn How Visitors Move Through Your Sales Funnel

See exactly what people do on your website. You can watch every click, scroll, move and more to find out how visitors are truly using your website.

Trigger recordings based on occurrence of different events and record user journey to understand user behavior.

CTA Button [Start Recording Now] to capture user experience to skyrocket your sales.

Step 4 – Set Up Heatmaps To Learn Visitor Behavior

Imagine what it would feel like to track customer/visitor activity without actually running after them!

Set Heatmaps and make your life simple!

Heat maps show which areas or elements on the page are the most interesting and engaging to your users.

  • Click maps – Clickmap works by showing you where site visitors are clicking or tapping. It is a powerful feature especially when you want to track performance of different elements such as Banners and CTA buttons.


  • Move Map: Tracks the movement of every visitor’s mouse to see what areas of your web pages they are spending most time on.


  • Scroll map helps you identify the point at which your site visitors abandon a page as they scroll through content. You can depend on scroll map to see how much content your readers are reading and adjust content length.


  • Click Report


Discover what’s working (where people are clicking) and what’s not working (where people aren’t clicking).

CTA Button [Set My Heatmap]

Step 5 – Set Up Microsurveys To Learn Why Something Is Happening

Use customizable micro surveys and let visitors speak their mind. Microsurveys (also known as on-site surveys) allow you to ask brief questions from your visitors.

Micro surveys are easy for respondents to answer and deliver a fast turnaround.

They help you collect feedback through pop-up surveys or polls that appear on the website or application page that you have selected.

Find out what your visitors are really looking for!

CTA Button [Set Microsurvey]

Step 6 – Set Up Forms To Learn Why Visitors Don’t Complete Forms

I have a question for you…

What are visitors doing on your registration page?

Are you relying on judgment calls that are based solely on experience, opinion, and common sense?

Stop before it’s too late!

Start analyzing your Forms now!

Your Form is a gateway through which a potential new customer can get in contact in some way with you.

  • Identify Which Fields of Your Form Cause Abandonment.
  • Identify How Long a Visitor is on a Page Before Filling Out Your Form.
  • Identify where on the form visitors are hesitating the most.
  • See which input fields are being refilled the most due to confusion and errors.

CTA Button [Start Analyzing My Forms]

Step 7 – Set Up Surveys To Learn More About Your Audience And Customer

Let visitors speak their minds with our powerful surveys!
benefits-of-surveys for optimizing conversions

What if you never have to worry about what your customers want?

Never Ever Again?!?

Survey is a powerful listening tool…

Hear what your customers have to say to you..

CTA Button [Set Up Survey Now] 

Still not convinced why you should track and optimize your website?

Let me share a few case studies with you where a number of business leveraged the tools I’ve discussed above to attain explosive growth in revenues!

Visitor Recording and Conversion Rate Optimization [Case Study]

Case Study : Vocabla

Vocabla is an online platform helping users improve their English Vocabulary by creating a list of new words as they interact with international community.

Vocabla had a low conversion rate of 1.74% for their pricing page.The decided to see where were things going wrong.

Using visitor recordings they found that visitors were skimming the pricing page.


Well it was confusing and there weren’t any benefits to re-assure the visitor about how good the offer was.


How did they improve it?

Based on the insights from the recordings they redesigned the page and focused more on emphasizing the benefits on the platform!

They also analyzed how users interacted with their interface and made changes to make it more user friendly.


What were the results?

Their conversion rate skyrocketed to 218%!

Heatmap and Conversion rate Optimization  [Case Studies]

Case Study 1:  Harry Fay Jewellery Boutique

Harry Fay Jewellery Boutique identified several areas that were driving visitors away and affecting profits such as:

  • People Respond to Popups
  • How were they wasting homepage space

Using scroll map they found out that the product video they had at the top half of the page wasn’t doing any good to sales. Rather it was driving the visitors away!

  • The scroll map showed people did not care about their product video.
  • The click map showed them that nobody was clicking on the link below the video.

The element  they were proud of was not contributing towards sales or engagement at all!

It was time to change the strategy and image show how they were able to increase engagement by making the necessary changes as show below:


Using Heatmap they also that visitors did read Popups!

They displayed a popup offering 10% off by subscribing to the newsletter to first time customers.  Mostly people close it but they remember it and do sign up for the newsletter once they have added products to cart.

Look at the comparison below of the subscription bar.


Case Study 2 : Telestream

Telestream’s optimized it’s homepage using heatmaps.

The pages were quite overwhelming due to loads of texts and multiple type of alignment of different elements made focusing on a particular element difficult.

Scroll map data revealed that few users were actually scrolling down to see those features but according to click map data most clicks were under the hero section although the features were explained in detailed at the end of the page.


Below is their new product page after removing the extra sections and making Features more Prominent.



No. of orders completed increased by 16%

Case Study 3: Rj Metrics

RJMetrics were struggling even after they re-designed their pricing page which was inspired by Mail chimp.

They added a customer lifetime value calculator which increased interaction by 62.5% but only 1.2% click the Signup button.

The scroll map analysis pointed out what was wrong with the page. It was placement of the CTA!


As you can see above visitors stuck at the top of the page and there was very less interaction with elements placed in the lower half (That’s where the CTA was placed)

They moved the Signup button above the other elements right below the calculator and improved their conversion rate.

Case Study 4 : Bluewire Media

Bluewire Media used heat maps to optimize their homepage.

Their main aim was to get the new visitor subscribe to generate leads by offering “Web Strategy Planning Template”

Heatmapping allowed them to simplify their forms as the old form was asking for too much information.The new form had less fields and was backed up by social proof leading to more leads generated as it can be seen by the comparison in the image below.


Exit Survey (Microsurveys) & and Conversion Rate Optimization [Case Studies]

Case Study 1 : Teespring

Teespring is an unconventional e-commerce site that allows customers to not only purchase but create t-shirts as well.

Using exit surveys (also referred to on-site surveys) they found that they had credibility issues and their shoppers were concerned about giving credit card information and delivery of their t shirts.

To counter this they changed the text under their CTA [shown below] which resulted in a 12.7% increase in their conversion rate.


See how powerful microsurveys can be!!

Case Study 2: Crazy Egg.

Crazy egg had set an exit survey on their pricing page which would pop up asking the visitor questions to help them understand why weren’t they making a purchase.

Based on the feedback of surveys and other tests they redesigned their pricing page as shown below.






The new design resulted in decreasing bounce rate by 13% and increasing conversions by 21.6%.

Funnels and Conversion Rate Optimization [Case Studies]

Case Study 1 : Sony

Sony increase sales and average order value by making some major changes and optimizing their checkout funnels!

Sony found out that their bounce rate were above average when it came to the last few steps of their funnel, steps where they asked customers to customize their Laptop.

The drop off rate here was 39%!

To solve this Sony Streamlined their checkout funnel.

The new funnel had shorter product descriptions and more pre-selected choices.


20.6% increase in sales!

Case Study 2 : Patricks’s Bingo Card Creator

Ptrick’s Bingo Card Creator helps elementary school teachers  in creating learning aid material for classes. Below is their funnel process.


They found a drop off rate of 5% at the first stage which kept increasing as users move further into the funnel.

To increase the number of teachers who complete the funnel journey they added visible indicators and were given an option to use default settings to speed up the process.


Results you ask?

82% of the teachers completed customization step!

Surveys and Conversion Rate Optimization [Case Study]

Case Study: Figleaves found that products with 20 or more reviews had 83.85% higher conversion rate than those with none.

What did they do?

They sent out surveys to get customer feedback and reviews and used them to improve their conversions by 12.5%

Form Analytics and Conversion Rate Optimization [Case Studies]

Case Study 1: Shakenkan

Shakenkan is a  Tokyo based chain of garages helping car owners pass inspection every 2 years.

After analyzing their forms they found out that 66% of visitors leave without even interacting their form concluding that their form was painfully long!

With the help of Form Analytics they found that visitors were reluctant to fill fields related to timings to book their appointments.


After the analysis they reduced their form fields form 18 to 11 and  to reduce friction they added  messages to let visitors know what fields were optional.



The reservation form’s completion rate increase by a whooping 71.1%!

Case Study 2:  INTI

INTI is part of the Laureate International Universities network spread across 28 countries with more than 80 universities.

INTI’s online forms were not performing well with a conversion rate of only 1.33%

Their forms had following issues:

  • Only 5% of visitors started filling out the forms. (Very low engagement rate as form was unclear)
  • The name and email address fields experienced the highest drop-off rates.
  • Their call to action copy wasn’t performing well as it experienced 12.3% Drop-off rate

They re-phrased the holding text of the course  field and changed the button copy from Enquire Now to Submit Request.



Their new conversion rate was better by 57% which directly lead to increase in revenues.

So what are you waiting for? Get Instant Free Access to TruConversion and start optimizing your website now!

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