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5 Tools to Help You Understand the Misunderstings of Web Analytics [Infographic]

5 Tools to Help You Understand the Misunderstood of Web Analytics

In today’s world businesses and entrepreneurs want to spend as little for their marketing activity, and yet concerned with maximizing the ROI of every campaign they launch. Thus the focus of every metrics being analyzed and tied together is “Is the campaign making us money?”

Thankfully, there are lots of analytics tools made available at our disposal. These help you gain better insight in how our campaigns are performing. However before you jump into analytics you need to understand the gravity of these tools to your marketing strategy.

If you are measuring the wrong metric or are after the bad goal, then you are not analyzing your campaigns the right way!

To understand what I mean, below is an infographic Researched by Christopher Jan Benitez that will help you understand the misunderstood in web Analytics.



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