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12 Essentials of the Ultimate Landing Page You Overlooked

12 Essentials of the Ultimate Landing Page You Overlooked

Here’s the Deal: The Goal is to create the World’s Highest Converting Landing Page

You might be wondering: Where the heck do you start?

Building effective landing pages is not for the weak at heart.

But it’s not entirely impossible!

There are a set criteria and a number of factors to keep in mind while building effective landing pages.

It’s a complete science of the customer’s mind and behavior hiding beneath the surface, and the fuzzy notion of “what the customer is looking for” buzzing in the background.

Now: There is no One-Size fits all manual on how to make a good landing page.

If you thought there is some practical step-by-step guide to creating the ultimate landing pages, then you’re in for a surprise.

Because if there was a guide to crafting the best Landing Page, then you’re reading the closest thing to it.

This is a Top Secret and a “Never Used Before” checklist to create your desired Landing Page.

So Read Carefully!


Give Potential Customers What They Want on your Landing Page!


Make sure your Landing Page is relevant to the keyword people searched for. This will reduce the bounce rate.

In my experience it is essential that the overall look, feel, content and design should match the message in your ads.

Here is an example of such a Landing Page.

This ad for portrays some of the best PPC practices.

Landing page ad example

Here’s the accompanying Landing Page and it’s relevant to the ad.

Ecommerce Landing Page Design

The Landing Page enjoyed a conversion rate of above 30%.

Now: Although there are other factors to be considered for the success of this landing page but relevancy plays an important role in gauging customer’s interest. 

Landing Pages that are not relevant to the keyword and ads have shown an almost zero conversion rate. 

Here’s an example of a poor Landing Page. Following is the ad for the page.

Poor ecommerce Landing Page example

The accompanying Landing Page is a disaster because of its contradicting offer.

ecommerce landing page of Poor quality

The Bottom Line: No matter how good the message in the ad or the graphics of the Landing Page – If they don’t match then your page is a Fail.

A/B test all the options to get the highest converting landing page. The more you test, the higher the conversion rate.

Increase Landing Page Conversion Rate by Crafting Killer Headlines!


 The Headline is where your Landing Page begins. It should grab the reader’s attention.

But there’s more!

If your headline is directly in sync with an image that describes the product/service then consider it your winning streak.

The Headline should be short (not more than 20 words), specific and sassy!

This Landing Page for Neil Patel’s webinar emphasizes on his success at what he’s about to cover in the online event.

It’s a relevant and Killer Headline – Bound to get thousands of sign ups.

Best Landing Page Example

Fast Track uses it’s unique selling proposition as it’s main headline and it’s To-The-Point. It’s what they do – sell homes fast. It is a great example of an eCommerce landing page.

Great landing page by Fasttrack

Unbounce uses a simple yet crisp headline on it’s highly converting landing page.

Great landing page design and copy example

Landing page ad example

Landing Pages that Convert have a Compelling Sub-Headline!

 It gets better/worse:

If you have a strong Headline that allures people into staying put on your landing page then you must have an equally persuasive sub-headline.

The sub-headline goes right beneath your headline and it is part of the initial punch of a landing page’s power.

Note: Your sub-headline needs to go slightly into depth and the nitty-gritty than the headline.

Right Signature has a compelling headline and an even more persuasive sub-headline to support the claim made in the main headline.

Customers trust other customers the most. The sub headline uses that trust to state a fact that their service is already trusted by many.

best landing page example


Landing Page Optimization Secret: Equip your Landing Pages with relevant Images!

Did you know? The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than plain text.

Well, now you know.

The right and most relevant image will hook the user to your landing page.

It is the relevance of the content and the image determines a user’s journey from potential lead to hopeful sign up.

Square up uses the most relevant image that shows it’s product in action. It is quite obvious that the product they are selling is the square card reader.

best practices for landing pages - Use images

Great Landing Pages have One Call-To-Action with Action-Oriented Language:

 This is crazy: Landing pages are prone to the blink test – you must influence the visitor within 3 seconds. Be specific with your Call-to-action!

If within 3 seconds, the visitor can’t assimilate how the page will benefit them in any way then they won’t stay.

And due to this you might lose new leads, returning visitors or regular traffic. Overall, the conversion of your page will drop!

Visuals Baby!

Action-Oriented Language & relevant images is key to persuade visitors, leads or customers to take specific action.

What’s the secret to design high converting landing pages?

Never ask for more than one call-to-action on a page – the visitor will get confused and hit the back button.

This high converting landing page clearly shows the Square Up’s product with it’s crisp Action- oriented content and a simple yet specific Call-To-Action.

high converting landing page design

How to write Landing Page Copy? State the Benefits to the Visitor Clearly:

 Are you Wishy-Washy with the USP’s:

A page that clearly lists all the benefits of the product to the visitor have a higher visitor-to-sign up ratio.

But why stop here?

Benefits can be personalized and may include minimalist graphics to grab the interest of the visitor.

The “Take lessons” Landing Page below clearly highlights in bold font and graphic bullets the benefits to the visitor. A compelling headline for the benefits explaining why they should choose the brand is a sure-shot conversion ticker.

High converting Landing Page copy

Ultimate Landing Page Design Tip: Ensure a logical flow of  your Ecommerce Landing Page

A deducible, rational flow of the landing page is primary to gauge interest of the visitor.

Want to know the best part?

The most direct way to say it, without the use of difficult words and flair along with a logical flow of the entire page is the secret to the perfect page.

Don’t fill your page with too much content – It’s a distraction.

If you want a high converting landing page you must not use more than 5 lines at the top and 4-5 more at the bottom. The content must be broken up with headers of varying font sizes, font type, and font detail.

A confusing landing page that lacks logical flow is guaranteed to fail!

Here’s the deal: The visitor does not read everything! The header is most important and your product plus pitch must be clearly described in that limited space.

Include a short sign up form to encourage the user to fill it out – Visitors don’t want to spend too much time on a single page.

The Debt Free financial consultancy Landing Page has a logical approach with the product clear to the visitor within 3 seconds. A good headline, persuasive sub-headline, crisp CTA, clear benefits, statistics and a short sign up form – The recipe for a perfect high converting landing page.

perfect high converting landing page example

Have a crisp and prominent Call-To-Action! The Method of Contact should be loud and clear whether phone number, live chat, sign up form or email.

Landing page Call to action

Increase Landing Page Conversions by using Specific yet Valuable Offers to Attract Customers:

 You might be wondering: Having a generic ‘contact us’ page with relevant details should be enough but surprisingly, it’s not sufficient. In fact, a plain contact us attracts spammers and regular sales brochures or marketing collaterals on signing up with some company is typically ‘old school’ since it does not attract the right target market.

But here’s the kicker:

Promotions like free half-hour phone consultation, How-to e-books, discounts, and giveaways will convert visitors into qualified leads. Visitors always think “what’s in it for me?” Specific promotions convert visitors into qualified leads for brands.

 This is crazy:

Sometimes mentioning what the visitor will loose instead of gaining by signing up with a brand results in a higher conversion rate. The theory of loss aversion highlights that humans are more likely to anticipate the pain of loosing something than the pleasure of gaining it.

It’s crazy but it works!

Loosing $50 is more intense than the pleasure of gaining that amount of money. Pain is definitely a powerful human element. But make sure you mention the remedy that is the solution of loosing something to gain a thing or two that is better.

The Auctions Landing Page has highlighted the offer of giving away a free starter kit on sign up. An additional 60-day money back guarantee offer attracts visitors and the specific promotion converts daily visitors into sign ups and eventually qualified leads. Promotion specific conversions have a higher rate of sign up to lead ratio.

Landing Page CTA

Optimize your Landing Page by adding statistics to make your claim more credible:

 Did you know?

Visitors respond 70% more to statistics graphs or credentials that support a claim regarding a brand or product more compared to simple statements. This is a great way to convince customers and convert them into sales.

Numbers are Important!

Statistics are essential to your “One-size fits all” checklist for highest converting landing pages.

State the number of clients or followers you have throughout the world. Highlight your global presence if any, since it counts. Show the product’s success rate with graphs in order to convert visitors.

Number of products sold can be highlighted with charts. Or you can show how you were voted the best product of 2015. Awards or certifications must be highlighted.

Here’s the deal:

Statistics are a reassurance for the customer that your brand stands out from the rest in the industry. If the copy does not attract the visitor, numbers will definitely hold them back. Hence, visitors convert to qualified leads and eventually into sales.

See the Difference:

The Feeding America landing page is an excellent example of statistics used to convert visitors. The brand is about donating milk to assisted areas and it says clearly that American Milk Drive has donated a number of gallons already.

Visitors on a page like this will relate to the product and eventually sign up. Statistics and credentials have higher conversions compared to the rest of the brands in the market.

Don’t numbers attract you more than plain text?

It is quite obvious with this landing page that statistics if highlighted on a page will lead to more conversions. The relevant picture with statistics would encourage an American to become a part of this drive and donate.

Copy of High converting Landing Page

Ultimate Landing Page Essentials:Add Client Testimonials:

 Now: A customer would trust nothing more than another customer’s opinion of a brand. Testimonials from satisfied customers, preferably celebrities attract visitors. A credible testimonial from a trusted source will always add value to a brand. Choose the most relevant testimonials to put up on your website.

But here’s the catch:Images along with credible testimonials are important to create a certain impact on the visitor. Pictures are the keystones to any testimonials since they are a visual confirmation of a claim.

Testimonials should be specific and general ones with the regular ho-ha don’t work anymore. Your visitor is smart enough to differentiate between credible testimonials from a shady one.

The best ones are backed by videos preferably, and also statistics since numbers have an impact.

The Bottom Line:Testimonials on the Mage Worx landing page which is a bakery that delivers online across the United States show happy and satisfied customers in all the major states they cover. This is an excellent way to attract visitors since customers will trust other customers to make sure the cupcakes taste better than the rest.

The testimonials have pictures and highlight the designations, which adds credibility. This is a sure-shot way to convert visitors into leads and eventually sales. In fact, the way they’ve shown their regional presence with a credible testimonial is a great strategy to convert visitors.

Landing Page tip - Have testimonials on your landing page

High Converting Landing Page Design Tip: Highlight the Points of Contact

 Are you legit? Then you’d better prove it!

In a hyper business environment with so many businesses competing for a spot the best landing pages have the most specific and easy methods of contact – a phone number to contact, a physical location registered with Google Maps, an email address, Live Chat to contact representatives and a contact form are all essential ingredients to a successful method of contact.

Live Conversation is Ideal!

Chat pop-ups for live conversation with customer service representatives are considered to be the most ideal method of contact.

The right and the most effective methods of contact help build trust and they also work as a means to eliminate any friction in the conversion funnel. 

A point of contact is your ticket to credibility!

At the initial level any form of communication is a tool to develop a relation between the company and the customer. A chat pop-up, address and phone number work well in this case.

See it for yourself:

The Sky TV box-landing page shows a clear floating chat pop-up that is catchy due to its design, color and also the invite message from the representative.

The contrast in color is key to attract visitors, and usually it’s the method of contact that works as an effective tool for visitors to convert into qualified leads.

The chat invite message is essential and often adding a picture of the representative adds credibility plus gives the online conversation some much needed face value. A cordial greeting with an invite to learn more about the products and the impression that all queries will be entertained is ideal.

High Converting Landing Page Design Tip Highlight the Points of Contact

Landing Page Design Tip: Keep your sign up form short and to the point 

Here’s the deal:

No body likes to fill out too much information on a sign up form, it does not feel right and it’s a sheer waste of time.

Now: Stick to specifics that are required to contact a customer in order to make a sale. The ideal lead form asks for one factor relevant to the product and basic contact information including email address, postal address (if required), age and the phone number.

Ask for essential information so that you don’t risk turning visitors to your website off with too many annoying questions. Basic information at this step is perfect since you can always contact these interested visitors for more information later and even better, it increases the chance of converting them into qualified leads.

Hence, your landing page will turn into the ultimate conversion oriented promotion medium!

Keep the Form Visible and at the Top

Your sign up form should be highly visible, easily accessible and in fact the first thing to attract the visitor.

Use contrast colors to highlight the form and place it right at the top. In case, the page scrolls down a bit (Long pages don’t work!) make sure to add a pop-up at the side, top or below that upon clicking takes the visitor to the form.

This Salesforce Landing page is a great example for a catchy Sign-up form that is guaranteed to get conversions. The page highlights the sign-up offer effectively and makes sure it’s visible.

Landing Page Design Tip Keep your sign up form short


A Landing page is a one-on-one with a potential customer that can turn into a qualified lead and eventually a successful sale.

Pay Attention: Don’t screw it up.

Don’t forget to monitor conversion, make relevant changes and practice A/B testing for best results.

Don’t stop! Keep Improving the Page!

 The Bottom Line: The heart of the matter is that creating a landing page is a never-ending process. You will always improvise.

Have you tried any of the tactics given above? If yes, then what results did get? We Wanna Know! So give us a shout out in the comments below. We’d love to know what you think.


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