A Better Way To Track Your Funnel

Easily track performance, identify opportunities, & fix issues before they become expensive problems

One Time Fee. So No Monthly Payments!

Finally, a Funnel Tracking Tool That's easy AND Powerful

Smart Funnels is the easiest way to track funnel performance. Here’s what makes Smart Funnels the most powerful
and user-friendly tracking tool in the market.
Picture of Visual Builder​

Visual Builder​

Easily create a visual funnel with our step by step funnel builder.

Picture of Conversion Rate Recommendations

Conversion Rate Recommendations

Smart Funnels recommends a conversion rate by page type and conversion action.

Picture of No Code Goals

No Code Goals

Set goals by page view, form submission, link click or element click.

Picture of Advanced Page Targeting

Advanced Page Targeting

More than just ‘exact match’ or ‘starts with’, if you can dream it we can target it.

Picture of Multiple Pages Per Step

Multiple Pages Per Step

For advanced funnel tracking, Smart Funnels can track multiple page start points and goal points.

Picture of Primary Conversion Rate Selector

Primary Conversion Rate Selector

Pick the primary reporting metric for your dashboard to keep an eye on what really matters.

Picture of Advanced Filters

Advanced Filters

Use Smart Funnels 10+ filters to get a better picture of your funnel’s performance. Look at device, traffic source, country, city, and more...

Picture of Individual Page Statistics

Individual Page Statistics

Smart Funnels will show you each pages individual performance along with a device toggle that shows the page preview and associated stats.

Picture of One Click Share Button

One Click Share Button

Share your funnel stats with your boss, colleagues, or clients in a single click.

How Does Smart Funnels Works?

Smart Funnels shows you, in detail, how your campaigns are performing. You’ll know what to scale, tweak, or
completely cut in a single glance.

Add the Script

Copy and paste the Smart Funnels tracking script on your site.

Define Your Funnel

Build your funnel in Smart Funnels and choose from conversion actions like page view, form completion, element click, and more…

Set Conversion Targets

Set each page’s expected conversion rate or use the Smart Funnels recommended conversion rate for each page type and converting action.

Get Results

Smart Funnels will start tracking immediately giving you a complete view of your funnels.

Top Reasons You 'll Love Smart Funnels

Smart Funnels makes it easy for you to know which funnel is converting without digging through FB Ads Manager,
Google Ads, or *shutters* Google Analytics. Here’s why smart business owners & marketers love Smart Funnels.
Takes Minutes to Set Up
You’ve already done the hard work and created your funnel! Smart Funnels just needs to know the page url and page goal and you’re good to go!
Takes Guess Work Out With Page & Goal Type Conversion Suggestions
Smart Funnels was built with marketers who actually do this stuff and they shared how the conversion rates should look like by page and by goal.
Numbers You Can ACTUALLY Rely On

All of the ad and analytics platforms out there are interested in one thing: getting credit for the conversion. This creates hard conversations that generally sound like “Why is this number different?!?!”

Smart Funnels is a neutral tracking script that’s only interested in giving you clean numbers without having a vested interest in which ad platform gets credit.

Done For You Reporting
We know it’s a pain putting together reports or maintaining dashboards for your business. Whether you’re sharing numbers with a colleague, your boss, or your clients…you’re always pulling numbers at the eleventh hour.

Smart Funnels IS your funnel dashboard and you can download and share the data in a single click. Never feel like you’re pulling last minute numbers again

Get More Leads + Drive More Sales + Scale Your Campaigns

Let Smart Funnels help you find all the opportunities in your funnels to grow your business.

One Time Fee. So No Monthly Payments!

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us day or night by email.

Smart Funnels is perfect for paid media managers, direct response marketers, content marketers, performance marketers, and scrappy solopreneurs looking to get a better handle on their numbers.

Pretty much, if you need to track a funnel and you’re sick of all the other hoops you have to jump through then you should be using Smart Funnels.
Smart Funnels requires a one-time installation of our tracking script. It’s an easy copy & paste job that takes seconds.
Yup! In a sea of subscriptions, this is a one time payment. We think this is such an important tool for businesses that we wanted to make it affordable for businesses of all sizes.
While we hope that won’t be the case, we do offer a 30-day, no questions asked money back guarantee.

Yes, all Smart Funnel accounts are limited to 100,000 user per month.

Get More Leads + Drive More Sales + Scale Your Campaigns

Let Smart Funnels help you find all the opportunities in your funnels to grow your business.

One Time Fee. So No Monthly Payments!