Session Recordings

Watch session replays to see exactly how your
visitor acts on your site.

The best way to increase leads and sales is by

Seeing exactly what your visitors are doing on your site.

Session Recording

See what your visitors are doing before you lose them.

If you want to see detailed visitor behavior then

TruConversion Session Recordings are the perfect choice

Record Every Moment

Record Every Movement

Watch how real visitors use
your site

TruConversion records every action your visitor takes on your site including mouse movement, scroll, click, and keystrokes. You can record a single page, a set of pages, or your entire site!

Record specific events

Save time and money by using
recording event triggers.

TruConversion is the only customer behavior analytics tool that let's you trigger recordings based on user behavior, not just URL. See more of the recordings that mean something and less of the recordings that don't without having to add another line of code to your site.

Specific Recording Events
Detailed User Information

Detailed User Information

Get a closer look at the type of
people visiting your website.

Not only do you get to see the individual recording, but we also tell you where your visitors are coming from, their operating system, browser, device, and IP address.

Advanced Filters

See more of want you want and
less of what you don't.

Analyzing recordings is a long process and TruConversion makes it a lot easier for you to view the recordings that actually mean something. Filter your recordings by device, URL, number of pages, session length, country, and more!

Advanced Filters
Mask Elements in Recording

Mask Elements in Recording

Remove unwanted elements from your recordings.

Collecting credit card information? We've got you covered! You can mask that data and any other type of data in your session recordings. In fact, we automatically mask CC info and you can choose to remove any other type of data during set up!

Tag your recordings

Tag interesting recordings so you can find them quickly.

Starting to see a trend or see something that stands out? Instantly add a tag for future reference. With TruConversion you can filter by tags, so it's easy to playback these recordings again and again...

Tag Session Recording

Session Recordings That Record Across Multiple Devices

We live in a multi-device world and TruConversion has you covered. Works automatically
across device and is easy to shareable.

Record Across Multiple Devices

See what your visitors are doing before you lose them.

Apart from recordings TruConversion offers 5 more easy to use

Feedback and analytics tools


Find out the busiest sections of your webpages and highlight the sections with the lowest click ratio.


Thanks to Funnel Analytics you’ll be making more sales from the traffic and leads you’re already getting.


See which fields are getting filled, and which ones are causing your visitors to bounce.


TruConversion Microsurveys, enable you to post a simple poll in seconds...anywhere on your site and following virtually any action.


TruConversion’s powerful surveys would help you discover the hidden needs and expectations of your customers.

See what your visitors are doing before you lose them.