10 Powerful Tactics to Write a Hard Hitting Call to Action
Call to Action

No matter what field you’re in, it’s important to get your point across and communicate with the person who lands on your website. This is the key to driving sales. So how do you get a person to do something when the land on your site (or blog, ad, internal page, social networks, etc)? To […]

How To Create A Winning B2B Lead Generation Copy

Direct Business to Business (B2B) marketing is unique in the sense that each promotion requires the prospect or the business to take action. Essentially, every amount spent on B2B lead generation can be tracked. This gives marketing managers a task to ensure that their efforts yield great ROI. Let us explore a few areas in […]

Digital Marketing Trends of 2016 You Can’t Afford to Ignore!

Before we’re prepared for the future, we must understand the present. There are changes all around us – in technology, sports, medicine and especially marketing. How can we, as marketers, be better prepared for the challenges ahead? Read on – your audience is counting on you! Where We Are At Right Now What The Future […]

The Most Powerful SEO Guide To Optimize Your Website (Infographic)

On page and off page optimization are the first and most important steps towards your website’s search engine optimization. In simple words, on page and off page activities help your websites get found by the search engines whenever somebody searches with particular keywords or key phrases relevant to your site. But SEO is tricky. It’s […]

New On LinkedIn? Here are 8 Ways to Generate B2B Leads

Are you a B2B Marketer? If yes, then the main focus of your job is to generate leads for your sales department. Small to medium size companies often struggle to generate qualified leads because they don’t have a strong understanding of pitching B2B products and service. In this article I will show you how conspicuous […]

Content in a Slump? Improve it with Influencer Outreach
Improve Content marketing with Influencer Outreach

When working in content marketing, it’s very common that at one point or another, your content begins to get a little stale. This happens to most of us marketers since we’re working with the same brand(s) day in and day out. Sometimes you need another person to write the content for a while as you […]

10 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips Get Your Site Ready for Holidays
10 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips Get Your Site Ready for Holidays

Many business owners can find themselves with a good product and a good website, but without the traffic and conversion rate they want to see. Creating a successful online business is harder than many first-time entrepreneurs realize. Even with an unique concept, a good product and an appealing website, business owners may not generate revenue as […]