How to Speed up Your Page Load Time
Here’s How To Decrease Page Load Time

So, you have been reading our blog and have armed yourself with the best skills in ensuring that your conversion rate is as high as you need it to be. But wait a minute, Your analytics show you different results after all. But why? Have you thought about your page load time? Let’s discuss why […]

Failed At Blogging? Here Is What You Did Wrong And How To Make It Right
Failed At Blogging Here Is What You Did Wrong And How To Make It Right

It is 2016, and every business is trying to make it online. After all, we live in a digital era. So, what strategies are they using? Making videos, social media presence and well….you guessed right, blogging! As a matter of fact, according to a report released by the social media examiner, 45% of marketers selected […]


Steve Jobs is famous for many things but he’s also famous for saying “And we’re gonna have this model for JUST $599.” Notice the use of word “just”? Steve deployed the same practice while advertising high-end, expensive products as well. That’s how Jobs used basic consumer psychology to promote products and increase sales. You can […]

How To Use Surveys To Increase Conversion

Are you struggling with  conversion? Tried every rule in the book and still feel like you are not yet there? Well, I got you. I have taken time to write a post on something else that you could have not yet tried. On-site surveys! Do you know what they are? Why are they even important? […]

5 Call To Action Tips to Increase Your Conversions (Infographic)

We all know for a fact that visitors who don’t click don’t convert. When it comes to conversion rate optimization, your call to action buttons can prove to be the ultimate game changer. Web visitors can’t get through a checkout process or signup form without clicking at least one button. And that one button — […]

Everything you Need to Know to Hack Google AdWords -A Complete guide

You’ve probably heard the term Google AdWords before, and maybe you’ve written some copy for an Adwords campaign. Google AdWords is Google’s own advertising service that, in the words of Google, “lets you reach new customers and grow your business.” While the promise of reaching new customers and making your business bigger is a great […]

12 Tips On How To Build Retail Campaigns On Facebook (Infographic)

If you don’t keep a close eye on the latest practices of social media marketing, chances are that you might miss reaching out to a huge chunk of your target audience. Talk about social media advertising and the first thing to strike our mind is Facebook. Facebook ads are considered to be one of the […]

How to Drive More Website Traffic with Facebook Ads

You are here because You want to increase your online or local sales. You are interested to promote your app. You want to raise awareness about your brand. You have specific business goals to achieve. Before you go further, I must say that Facebook Ads are the right tools to use. Let me tell you […]

Improve UX that Will Result In Higher Conversions
Improved user experience

When you invested in a website, your main plan was to use it as a platform to advertise your business and in turn offer valuable information to your site visitors. This would subsequently lead to tremendous prospect-client conversion rates and amazing revenue. But, This is not the case. Your website is experiencing a high bounce […]

High Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate? Here are 8 Ways Of Increasing Your Checkout Page Conversion Rate
Here are 8 Ways Of Increasing Your Checkout Page Conversion Rate

The greatest mark of success for an e-commerce entrepreneur is the check-out page conversion rate. For this reason, shopping cart abandonment and conversion rate drop at the checkout page may be a bitter fact. When it comes to user experience, the best e-commerce websites create an online experience that causes visitors to fall in love […]