8 Common Conversion Mistakes & How To Never Make Them Again
8 Common Conversion Mistakes & How To Never Make Them Again

Do you know that on average 80% of visitors on your site will abandon without taking an action. Do you know the reason behind it? The real reason behind this is that people keep making conversion mistake without realizing the fact that they end up having lower conversions by making so many mistakes. We really […]

How Exit Surveys can Help in Increasing your Subscription Business
How Exit Surveys can Help in increasing your Subscription Business

Worried about the churn rate? Confused on why your visitors leave so frequently? Still figuring out on how to hold on the traffic at your site? Have you used Exit Surveys?? The good news is that your worries are coming to an end now! Because the analytical tools have made it extremely easy to observe […]

Perpetual Scroll vs. Hard Stop: Which Works Better?
Perpetual Scroll vs. Hard Stop Which Works Better

Infinite scrolling is a trending feature at website these days. Some call it perpetual scroll, while some call it auto-scroll and some have even named it as lazy-load. Web developers think that a perpetual scroll helps them put the maximum info or the maximum content. But… Trust me, the strategy of putting everything on a […]

How To Tell If Choices Are Killing Conversions
How to tell if choices are killing conversions

“One Page. One Purpose. Period.” – Oli Gardner It is quite understandable that a page with a single goal serves the best purpose indeed. We have heard a lot about variety adding spice to life and choices making one’s life colorful, but trust me, it adds on to the confusion most of the times. Similarly, […]

20 Landing Pages You Should Use As Inspiration For Your Next Design

We visit various site in a single day and we get attracted to different things in each one of them. While designing your website, it’s a super important task to create high converting landing pages in order to make your visitors stick to your site for a longer time span. This is crazy, but… Your […]

How Qualitative Data Boosts your Conversions with its Deep-rooted Customer Analysis
How Qualitative Data Boosts your Conversions with its Deep-rooted Customer Analysis?

What would you do if you want to buy a pair of jeans? Would you just go online and look at the number of people who bought the new skinnies in the market and would simply order it? Or you would actually go out, see which styles are there, try them out and see why […]

How to Reduce your Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate?
How to Reduce your Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

It is every online retailer’s dream to see all their customers take the shopping carts till the checkout page and press the final Purchase button. But… First you need to look through the channel which is taking your customers to the final ‘Purchase’ button. Be certain that the shopping experience you’re providing to your customer […]

30 Conversion Mistakes: Which One(S) Are You Making?

Conversion rate optimization is inarguably a hot topic for most businesses due to its relationship with sales and general business success. In fact, a 2015 report by Comscore showed that CRO technologies have established their presence. In addition to that, CRO has been proven to be successful, especially after Venture Beat survey report showed that […]

100 Crazy CRO Hacks to Boost Conversion Rate Right Now

What’s the one-word secret to success for any business or marketer? It’s conversion! Yeah, you heard it right! Conversions remain the number one objective for any marketer or business. After all, what’s the point of building up a fancy website, producing chunks of creative content and spending through your nose on marketing, if you aren’t […]

9 Tips to Reduce Page load Time and Speed Up your Website (Infographic)
9 Tips to Reduce Page load Time

With the launch of Google’s AMP project, the debate over web page loading time  seems to have acquired a new ground altogether. Everyone seems to be in a maddening frenzy to optimize their site and reduce page load time. But why should care about it? Because page load time decides whether a visitor to your site […]