Ultimate Guide To Running Holiday Email Campaign

Email is the most personal business communication medium. Imagine having access to someone’s home postal box. Holidays are that magical time of year when customers feel the shopping fever. Combine email and holidays and you’ve got a powerful force of marketing. Read on as we demystify the myths of holiday email campaigns and provide you […]

How to Keep Sales High After the Holiday Spike (Infographic)

It’s the time of the year when both bricks and online stores are all pumped up  and gauged for making huge tons of profit as the peak shopping season is about to kick in. With the holiday season just around the block, ecommerce sites in particular are in cold feet not because of the humongous […]

Drip Campaign – A Complete Guide
The Complete Guide to Drip Campaigns

No one wants MORE email. Actually, no one wants more BAD email. We’re all happy to get actionable advice. We’d love to get more AdSense cash confirmations from Google via email. What we need is not less email, but better emails. This guide will teach all about providing value, nurturing leads and increasing trust using Email Drip Campaigns. 1. […]

14 Tips to Optimize Your Landing Page Conversions (Infographic)

Do you have high bounce rate? Are you wasting your money on ineffective campaigns? Are you confused about how to optimize your landing page? Here are 14 tips to make your landing page more effective and shoot up your conversions the roof. Share this Image On Your Site <p><strong>Please include attribution to https://www.truconversion.com/blog/ with this graphic.</strong></p><br /><br /><br […]

How to be a PRO at Guest Blogging : A Complete guide
Guest Blogging Guide

Scared of starting a blog? Got a blog but SEO won’t help? Tried Guest Blogging without any results? Perhaps you just weren’t doing it right. That’s why I created this Guest Blogging Guide. It’s easy to understand and fast to put into practice. Honestly? I wish a guide like this existed when I was starting […]

9 Elements in every Successful Ecommerce Website [Infographic]
9 Elements in every Successful Ecommerce Website

Designing an eCommerce website is no simple task. There is more than building a website. You’re to create an immersive online shopping experience that can turn visitors to  your customers. In this infographic I’ve tried to outline some critical elements that your Ecommerce website must incorporate in order to boom. In doing so, you’ll be able […]

Step by Step Guide to A/B Testing (Infographic)

How do you know if you’re not leaving money on the table due to an element on your landing page turning visitors down? And how practical is your website to those customers? That’s where A/B testing comes into play! I’ve created this Infographic hoping that it would not only  walk you through the complete process […]

How To Build a High Converting Landing Page : The Ultimate Guide

Quick question: Which do you prefer? 100 clicks and 10 conversions? Or 100 clicks and 20 conversions? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that more conversions for the same number of clicks means a better conversion rate. For a long time, I was scared about conversions and optimization in general. I always thought that […]

How to Survive the Zombie Content Marketing Apocalypse

I’m not sure if it is the upcoming Halloween season or just the fact that finally The Walking Dead is back, but whatever it is, I’ve got zombies on the brain. Zombies are fun in theory. If they show up in a movie or a show, then a lot of people will tune into watch. […]