40 Supernatural Hacks to Build the Best Checkout Process (Infographic)
40 Supernatural Hacks to Build the Best Checkout Process

Are you suffering from High Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate because of a poor checkout process? A thoughtfully designed checkout process can radically improve conversions – turning visitors into buyers and tempt them into completing the purchase without abandoning their shopping carts midway. I have designed this infographic to share with you 40 easy ways to […]

10 Tips to Improve Web Form Design to Boost Conversions (Infographic)

The success or failure of most online lead generation depends on one pivotal thing that is website forms. The key objective of a website form is to have the user fill it out completely with valid and authentic information. The success rate of a website forms is usually determined by the number of conversions relative to […]

How to increase Conversion using Heatmaps and Surveys?

CRO is probably the holy grail of online business. Yes, I know, we have been inundated with innumerable posts on conversions and the ‘conversion optimization’ posts have been done to death. But if your 2016 started with a resolution to make your website right, this post is right up your alley. With the attention span […]

How to Build a Conversion Funnel that will Double your Conversions
How to Build a Conversion Funnel that will Double your Conversions

Conversion Funnel is not about tricking your visitors to make a purchase faster nor is it about forcing them to make a decision. The Conversion Funnel is there to help you guide your visitors towards solutions to their problems. If you solve your visitors’ problems, they’ll become your customers. Read on for the very easy to understand […]

5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Landing Page Click Through Rate
5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Landing Page Click Through Rate (1)

When it comes to landing pages, businesses understand the tenets of creating and designing a landing page that will sell. The problem however is the click-through rate the landing page gets. While this post talks about how to increase the landing page click-through rate, it is also important that you understand what this really is. […]

5 Simple Ways to Generate Leads from Your Blog

Do you have a blog just because you have to these days? Or are you using it to capture subscribers and turning them into eventual customers? Groove, captured 3000 customers from their blogging in 2 years. The subscribers you generate from blog content are also more likely to convert into signups. A lot of companies […]

7 Ways to Reduce Bounce rate and Increase Conversions (Infographic)

Your site is up and running and your product is all ready for the world to see! After all of the hours you’ve put in, if you still find yourself struggling to boost search traffic to your site, improve email signups, get more leads, and acquire more clients, it’s possible that your bounce rate is […]

How A/B Testing Can Make You A Super Marketer!

Conversion is undoubtedly the highest leverage point for any business. In fact, according to Venture Beat conversion is the most crucial aspect of modern-day marketing technology. While it may sound simple, driving conversion is a too daunting and too difficult a task. Marketing Optimization Expert and Keynote Speaker – Bryan Eisenberg reveals in one of […]

How to Increase Blog Traffic? Check out My 9 Tested Strategies

Blogging is a key strategy to improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO), and the two concepts (blogs and SEO) are becoming more and more linked. Why is that? Think about it: The Googlebot (the search software that Google sends out) crawls the Internet (searches web pages and sends them back to Google) to find […]

How To Generate Leads With LinkedIn

Imagine having a Rolodex filled with information of thousands of highly quality potential clients. It gives you access to their names, job titles, company info, locations, backgrounds and more. On top of that, it gives you a way to send them electronic messages so you can network with them without leaving the comfort of your […]